Thundercats (Encore) Review | Your Sinclair - Everygamegoing

Your Sinclair

By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #48


A not dissimilar game to G 'n' G, but substantially less interesting. True, the graphics are lovely - including some very neat digitised backgrounds - but the gameplay, which essentially involves hitting everything you see with a giant sword, is mundane going on breathtakingly tedious. Naturally, to make up for this, the characters are all called things like MUMM-RA™ and BI- CEP™ and that's because it's all based on Thundercats™ the cartoon, the comic, the T-shirt and the wibbly thing on legs. But, as we all know from past experience, a cracking licence does not often a good game make, and Thundercats™ is no exception. Do you realise we gave this a Megagame last time round? What were we thinking of?

Marcus Berkmann

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