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Amstrad Action

By Perry Williams
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #21

Here's a rather charming home-brewed fantasy, created using the Graphic Adventure Creator and not a little imagination by the author. There are, however, no graphics, but don't let that bother you because the text is colourful and the locations picturesque, so who needs more?

In true fairy-tale style, a Blight has fallen upon the Land and you, as the youngest child of the King, must sally forth and find out the whys, wherefores and what-to-dos of the situation. Since you have spent most of your childhood reading books about the birds and the bees, your family reckon you are a bit of a no-hoper, so there's plenty of motivation to prove them wrong.

And of course it's the animals that come to your aid during the game - and in some most ingenious ways. You'll encounter snakes, owls and unicorns before you've got very far - not to mention the various witches and wizards who also render assistance. This game has a ring of innocence and originality about it that I very much enjoyed. I didn't miss the pictures for a moment, and would advise nature-lovers to risk their £2.50 on this rather than on some other more visually attractive offerings I could mention... but won't.

The Pilgrim

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