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Attack On Windscale
By Phoenix
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

This is one of a series of arcade/adventure games which are starting to appear on the software market. You play the arcade game and you are given clues to help in the adventure game.

The arcade game is a fast shoot-'em-down version of space invaders. One enemy flies across the screen and one moves down. I found it too hard after level 1 because the speed gets too fast.

When or if you have completed all four levels you may move on to the adventure game. The problem is that if you cannot master the arcade game then you are unable to start the adventure.

I found the adventure slightly tedious - it is menu-driven. This stops you from wasting time by entering commands which will not work but you also find that you miss the excitement and versatility of "let's try it and see".

Overall, I have not managed to do wonders with the game due to the time scale needed to get through it. I would recommend it to anyone who does not like 'trial and error' adventures and has a friend who is good at fast arcade games.


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