A&B Computing

Asteroid Miner
By Optima
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

Asteroid Miner

This game, written by Christopher Price, is different to any game I have seen before. The objective of the game is to collect up valuable green asteroids by means of a cargo ship and return to your base with them, and so score as many points as possible. The cargo ship is moved with the Z key for acceleration and the < and > keys for rotation to the right and left respectively.

The game is made more interesting by the addition of a second cargo ship. This cargo ship also collects the green asteroids and, for each one that he collects, the score is reduced. You can, therefore, find yourself with a negative score! Another feature of this second ship is that it plants time bombs in the red asteroids, making them look green. Now, should you collect one of these asteroids, unless you press the key displayed in the corner in the time, you will be destroyed and lose one of your four lives and this will also be the case if one explodes near you.

After an initial title page, there is a page of introduction telling you about the game. This is followed by a page giving the keys to control your ship and telling you that you can play the game at ten levels. You choose the level at which you play by pressing one of the number keys between zero and nine, nine being the easiest. Finally, once you have finished the game, you may enter your name into a top ten table of highest scores, although you cannot have a negative score here. The table also gives the level at which the game was played.

This is a nice game with some new ideas and good use of sound and graphics. The only thing that I think would improve the game is that the size of the asteroids be made bigger, making the game a little easier.

Dave Reeder

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