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Bug Eyes
By Icon
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.08

Bug Eyes is another very well executed platform-type game with a variety of floating nasties, pumping machinery and less than solid flooring to catch you out as you try to complete the screens.

Timing, subtle key manipulation and patience are prime requisites for a game like this, and with plenty of the latter you will eventually win through.

The sprite movements in Bug Eyes are very smooth and the graphics in general pleasing to the eye. The sound effects are less inspired, boring even.

Bug Eyes

The scenario brings you, agent Starman, to the ten levels of the starship/meteorite of the Xxebaneans. They are out to destroy earth and all intelligent life on it so you have to make your way to the generator room to put a stop to all this nastiness.

As you make your way through each screen trying to avoid the Stampy Stompers and other notorious bugs a bonus score counts down. So as you improve your performance and catch on to the correct routes through the screens, your bonuses go up. There is also the temptation to push it just too far.

No complaints about the programming then, nice 3D text and computer character sets and the stars scrolling behind the instructions on the opening page are very nice. Just a bit lacking in that extra flair which usually characterises Icon games. Perhaps watch out for Contraption and Flip in the next month's issue.

Dave Reeder

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