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Arcade Trivia Quiz
By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #75

Arcade Trivia Quiz

Arcade Trivia Quiz attempts to recreate the thrills and spills of the quiz game on your computer. The only things that aren't included are fifty other people playing games around you and the aroma of hot dogs floating through the air! The questions are categorised in a very Trivial Pursuit style with subjects like Art & Literature, Film & Television, Music and Sport to tax your brain cells. Each subject has its own little icon you have to select in a time limit before you answer.

The fun way to play a quiz game of this sort is to get a few friends round for a two or three player game. So I decided to do just that and roped in Mr Robin 'big hair' Candy of The Games Machine and Mr Mark 'Shaw' Kendrick of the art department to give it a bash! What a mistake that was: I was knocked out in the first round, and Robin went on to earn £20 (you only start with 80p)! Playing with friends is great fun though, as you can shout out the wrong answers and have a good titter when they choose them!

The only real grumble I have with Arcade Trivia Quiz is the lack of variety in the questions when you have been playing for some time. You can load in various question banks at the beginning, but if you have a really long game they soon start repeating themselves. All the graphics, sound and presentation are of a very high standard with features usually only found on the likes of fruit machines to add an extra boost of addictiveness.

Arcade Trivia Quiz is a real winner on your own and especially with some friends. Give it a whirl!

Nick Roberts