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Amstrad Action

Apache Gold
By Incentive
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #17

This is one of a new range of games brought out by Incentive, all of which have been created by the Graphic Adventure Creator. They have all been awarded the Medallion Adventure Award, which means that Incentive reckons they're pick of the pops. How do they rate?

Well, so-so. Apache Gold is quite good fun - you toddle around the country in your faithful wagon, hobnob with the Spirit in the Sky, pinch things from Indian wigwams, and even "TALK" to some crusty ol' frontiersmen. There's a good sense of humour throughout the game that won't have you in fits of laughter but keeps gameplay light and easy. And the graphics are in some places excellent. Certainly a slight bit better than Level 9's.

The weaknesses of the game are really the weaknesses of GAC. The parser doesn't tell you which word it's having trouble with, so entering "EXAMINE QEWRT" gets you the answer "You see nothing special". Maybe there isn't anything special about a qewrt, but if I enter "EXAMINE WATER FALL", for example, and I'm told there's "nothing special" about it, I'd be mite bit miffed if I later found out that that's because I should have typed "EXAMINE WATERFALL" (without the space!).

In other cases there's simply been some carelessness in trapping inputs. At one point, you're hanging from a branch above some rapids. Entering "JUMP INTO RAPIDS" gets you the response "WELL OK"!

The Pilgrim

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