Amstrad Action

American Turbo King

Author: Trenton Webb
Publisher: Virgin/Mastertronic
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #56

American Turbo King

A car game controlled with a gun? Yup, it sounds daft - and it is daft. In Turbo King, your BMX/Super Sprint sim-style car has to weave its way through a series of obstacles, trying to finish a race (and finish first).

The direction of your motor is controlled by shooting pads at either side of the screen for turning left or right. Forward and reverse is simply a matter of blasting at the car. Nothing too difficult there, and that's the problem. Once you've got the line right for the shooting, there's little else to it. The obstacles and jumps are either totally avoidable or destined to destroy car after car whatever you do.

There are loads of 'different' courses to race over but they're all essentially the same, just with different colours and the obstacles in a more difficult order.

Second Opinion

If you ask me, Virgin has shot itself in the foot with this one (after a few attempts).

Green Screen View

Not really any worse.

Trenton Webb

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