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Amazon Warrior
By New Generation
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #3

Attempt to improve on Forbidden Forest

Amazon Warrior

In numerous aspects, this game is incredibly similar to that superb US classic Forbidden Forest. It has the same basic scenario, a similar opening sequence, similar sounding music, and similar looking graphics. New Generation tell us the programmer, having had only a single sighting of Forbidden Forest (and being possessed of a photographic memory) set out to improve on it. We don't think he succeeded.

The action is set in the Amazon rain forest where a lone native (you) has to survive seven challenges. You are armed only with your trusty blowpipe and a limited number of poison darts with which to fend off the deadly forest inhabitants.

The game takes place on a series of three scrolling backgrounds. The first area is the jungle, where you have to defeat three types of enemy. The second and third phases are the Caverns and the ruined Temple, each of which have two types of (increasingly tiresome) enemies.

Your man appears at the bottom of the screen, carrying his blowpipe and 40 darts. You have to load the pipe first and then shoot the oncoming creatures. The pipe can move through an arc of firing positions, from low left to low right.

Shooting enemies is very difficult at first, since the shooting angles aren't at all obvious. You can get the hang of shooting each of the beasts, but some of the angles (and misses!) are quite surprising.

You have to shoot a specified number of animals on each stage to progress to the next, and the number increases on each of the four skill levels. At the start of each stage, except the last two, you are given a fresh set of three lives and 40 darts.

The backgrounds scroll really smoothly and in perspective with a near background and a far background. The graphics are nice and colourful, and while the music isn't up to Forbidden Forest's superb standard, it's still reasonable.


When I saw the title screen, heard the music, and played the game, my suspicions were confirmed - another Forbidden Forest! The graphics are the only thing to have been improved - sound and gameplay have deteriorated badly. In my view, Amazon Warrior tarnishes not only the reputation of the original game, but that of New Generation.


It's a year too late and far too like you-know-what for comfort. I found the controls annoying and the constant similarities to FF insulting to the original. It would be all right if it offered better gameplay, but it doesn't. Once you've worked out a level, you can do it more or less the same way each time.

The Amazon Hazards

  1. STAGE ONE (jungle): red and yellow snakes which come in at angles from the top of the screen.
  2. STAGE TWO (jungle): scorpions appear from both sides of the screen and sting you with their tails.
  3. STAGE THREE (jungle): head-hunters and spears. Shoot the former horizontally and avoid the latter.
  4. STAGE FOUR (caverns): vampire bats suck the blood out of you and move around a lot.
  5. STAGE FIVE (caverns): wraiths come in from half way up the sides of the screen and carry you off by the head.
  6. STAGE SIX (temple): spiders and blocks of rubble fall vertically from the top of the screen. Shoot the former (or they wrap you up) and avoid the latter.
  7. STAGE SEVEN (temple): quetzalcoatus is a large flying dragon who will carry you away in his jaws.


Presentation 57%
Four levels of difficulty and a high score table.

Originality 8%
Appalling rip-off of Forbidden Forest.

Graphics 78%
Excellent scrolling background and good characters.

Hookability 54%
Difficult blow pipe control makes progress tough.

Sound 69%
Music isn't as good as Forbidden but one or two good effects.

Lastability 60%
Very tough but unaddictive.

Value For Money 51%
If you've got Forbidden Forest, forget it.