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Circus Circus
By Firebird
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #3

Frustrating, dated platform game

Circus Circus

If you were expecting lots of circus tricks and acrobatic action - forget it, Circus Circus is a platform game.

You play Sid Chip who must get through 20 screens of 'circus rings' filled with the usual form of platform obstacles and nasties.

On each ring there is an exit, which is extremely tough to get to and leads to the next screen. Sid can only move left and right or jump and has to work out the exact route to the exit because there is only one correct one.

Circus Circus

There's a variety of platforms and creatures to bar your way and contact with anything that moves is fatal. Disappearing platforms can cause problems and often drop you into the clutches of an animal or some waiting man trap.

All the animals follow regular patterns, some moving in circles, others straight across screen. Most are easy to avoid once you've got your jumping timed right. Animals like the kangaroo which hops across screen are well done but for the most part the graphics and animation are crude. The tune also is pretty horrible and you'll rapidly turn the sound down.

You have an energy bar which runs down from nine to zero and once it runs out, you explode in the same way as when you touch an animal. You start with five lives and an extra one is awarded every five screens.


Circus Circus

Not one of Firebird's better cheapo games with bad control, graphics and sound. I found it reasonably tough and there's a large playing area but it's just too frustrating to be rewarding. I certainly don't think this circus will pack the crowds in.


Ugh! Circus Circus is a really tacky little platform game which relies on random and sometimes seemingly impossible situations to kill you off. Mind you, I found it to be a relief when I died. 'Orrible graphics, 'orrible gameplay and 'orrible sound make this an overall 'orrible game. Buy Chicken Chase, it's miles better.


Presentation 58%
P. Short instructions.
P. Nice cheat if you can find it!

Circus Circus

Graphics 31%
N. Yukky blocky graphics except for the odd nice animal.

Sound 22%
N. Nauseating tune and few effects.

Originality 20%
P. Simple platform game with little new.

Hookability 24%
P. You might be inspired enough to see a screen... or two.

Lastability 19%
N. Find the cheat mode, forget the game.

Value For Money 28%
N. It may be cheap, but it's nasty too.


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