Amstrad Action


Publisher: Amsoft
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1


The film was full of terrifying suspense and although the game recreates some of that cliff-hanging panic, many gamers may not get into it that much. The action takes place on the three decks of the spaceship Nostromo where a virtually indestructible alien is marauding.

You can play long or short games in which you control respectively six or three members of the crew at one time and have several possible aims. You can scuttle the ship, escape in the shuttle or try to blow the alien out of an airlock. The screen shows a map of the deck you are on, a command monitor of the actions you can take and a report monitor of what is happening to you and other members of the crew.

There are plenty of items to be picked up and used, and lots of rooms to be explored. You can also get around the ship by using ducting but beware: the alien also uses this a lot! Once the alien has got ahold of a crew member, there is little you can do since he does his work ruthlessly. However, the sound emitted by trackers, the movement of Jones the cat, and removed grilles to ducts will all give indications as to where the alien is.

Good News

P. Challenging game of strategy and tactics.
P. Original game concept and gameplay.
P. Good film tie-in which captures the atmosphere of the film.

Bad News

N. May not be a clear enough game objective.
N. Frustration can set in at the lack of rewarding actions.