Agent Orange
By A 'n F
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Agent Orange

This game has a very unusual plot. You've got to save the entire universe from a gang of evil aliens. Original, eh? These aliens are planting Triffid-type weeds, that destroy your crops on eight planets. To stop this happening, you must fly to the final planet, and collect a cargo of alien weedkiller, codenamed Agent Orange.

You start with one mothership, and eight daughter vessels, but if you play well, you can sell any successful crops, and buy better ships from your home planet. When you arrive at a planet, you must blast any aliens that are trying to plant more deadly seeds, and so stop the decaying of any valuable crops. When you fly over fertile soil with the fire button depressed, a seed is planted, and if it reaches a ripe stage, it can be picked.

I'm sorry to say, but this is almost as bad as Wibstars, also from A 'n F. The screen is neither flick-screen, nor scrolling. It's a sort of mixture of both. The screen stays stationary, but then scrolls to the next area. Very weird, and very infuriating, especially if there's an alien who's ready to shoot you on the next screen. The scrolling, what there is, is very jerky, even for the humble Speccy, and the sound is well below average, even on the 128 Spectrum.

The graphics are bland, and mainly black and white with only the odd bit of colour, and nearly all the planets look the same. Basically, it's not a brilliant game; in fact, A 'n F haven't produced a really good game since Chuckie Egg.