4th Dimension

Author: Mark Caswell
Publisher: Hewson Consultants
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #75

4th Dimension

Hewson bring as a compilation of four new games: Kraal, Klimax, Head The Ball and Super Cup. Kraal has you as Epolog, a half human half alien with a mission: to mount a rebellion against the human masters on the planet Kraal. To ensure their destruction you must guide your ADO (Auto Destruction Device) around 16 maze filled levels trying to destroy the eight Nuclear Power Supply Units that are scattered around. Your masters send drones out to stop you. Start with a puny blaster and collect more powerful weapons with the destruction of security droids.

In Kilmax the droids in a large industrial complex have gone haywire. You patrol the complex in your ACE Mk2 Itnercepter and must destroy all weapon containers and droids that get in your way. There's a two minute time limit in which to destroy the containers, after which all air will be drained from the building and you will asphyxiate. Every fifth building houses a nuclear weapon and is guarded by particularly vicious drones, so watch out.

The third offering is the misleadingly named Head The Bsll, leading you to expect a footy game. It's in fact about the search for your girlie, kidnapped by the leader of the Globoid Hells Angels gang. You're Head, who must survive the traps and pitfalls of the Globoids' territory and save her: jump over obstacles, shoot them (ammo is limited), or use your shield in emergencies. Collect gems along the way to offer as ransom, but hurry because time is running out.

Finally we have Super Cup which is a footy game with up to eight participants. Once teams have been decided on it's onto the menu screen to choose team colours, skill level (0-8), length of a match etc. The game is played from a bird's eye view.

Well, those of you who want to go back to the so-called good old days of Speccy games have a good chance with this! The price tag is just too much for what you get, buy CRASH instead and get better games thrown in. Out of the four games Klimax is the only one I found even mildly entertaining, and as for Super Cup: this is a family mag, so I'll keep my comments to myself. Steer wall clear. Hewson should know better.

MARK ... 41%

Nick ... 59%

'Compilations are always the same, you get some good games and some bad. 4th Dimension is no exception. Kraal is the game that really grabs your attention. The presentation is first class with some strange sort of digitized speech and good colourful graphics. Sadly the game lacks playability. Head The Ball is similar to Kraal in that it looks really slick but has nothing to keep you coming back for more. It's a sort of low budget Wizball. The ball bounces around, firing at the various aliens in an annoying manner, and just as you think you're getting somewhere, you bang into one and have to start again! Super Cup: well, you saw how bad Kick Off was the other month. This is just as bad with stupid little footballers running around totally out of control. There's a good tune though, so perhaps you could just forget the football and listen to that. Klimax, is in a similar vein to hundreds of games around: the 3-D style's been used so often the games all look the same. It's in mainly white monochrome with lots of little robots running around, some look like typewriters and some like toasters! A simple tune and effects add some fun, but it's all been seen before.'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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