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Disposable Heroes
By The Power House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #52

Disposable Heroes

The Mega Garbage Beings are on the rampage again, and are holed up in caverns beneath the city, along with their equally vile companions.

It is into this dank, unfriendly environment that our brave hero travels and there are ten Garbage Beings to tackle throughout the underground labyrinth. Other strange creatures also wander around and while contact with them is not fatal, a chunk of the player's energy is lost. A stun gun is provided which temporarily paralyses them.

Once a Garbage Being has been located, the hero can then challenge the despicable creature in mind-to-mind combat. The screen consists of four squares, and is played like a simplified version of 'Simon Says': a light flashes across the panel and the routine must be copied exactly to win the game.

Success is rewarded with control of the Garbage Being's mind, who can then be forced to return to the garbage dump. Once all of the Beings have been rounded up in this manner, the world is safe once more.


Joysticks: Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: poor use of colour with flickery characters
Sound: not outstanding -but suits the game


'If there's one thing I can't stand in a game it's poor graphics AND a terrible use of colour - as far as I'm concerned this kills a product stone dead. If a game isn't attractive then who's going to bother inflicting it on their eyes regularly? Not me, for one. Disposable Heroes requires too much luck to be considered overly thought provoking; after only rive or six games the lack of addictive qualities failed to entice me into any repeat performances. All things considered, the title is very apt.'


'I had hoped that Dervish was an unhappy hiccup in the system, but no, Disposable Heroes - the second Power House offering this month - is just as bad. It's slightly better, graphically, but still plays like a lead balloon. The main character sprite is an odd looking chap, reminiscent of a one-legged egg on a snow ski. After I stopped laughing at this unlikely hero, I steadily grew more and more annoyed at the extremely simplistic gameplay which had me bored rigid within a few sessions. Once a Garbage Being is located a simple form of the 'Simon Says' game is used to force it back to the garbage dump. If you ask me that is precisely where this game belongs.'

Mark CaswellPaul Sumner

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