Sinclair User

10 Computer Hits 4
By Beau Jolly
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Sinclair User #70

10 Computer Hits 4

Computer Hits 4 is an absolute blast as compilations go. Twelve full-price titles of which in my opinion five are fab, five OK and only two turkeys. Fab ones first: Vortex's Revolution, a 3-D multi-level arcade adventure featuring a bouncing ball, Spindizzy, the original Electric Dreams guide-the-gyroscope-around-the-3D-maze epic, Pyracurse, Hewson's Ultimate style arcade adventure. Sacred Armour of Antiriad, Palace's futuristic romp and Starquake, Bubble Bus' space skit.

The OK ones include Ariolasoft's Deactivators, CRL's Bride of Frankenstein, Martech's karate simulator Uchi-Mata, Microsphere's Sam Cruise, and Electric Dreams' Dandy. This leaves only the turkeys: Hewson's City Sticker and Pulsator. Overall, though, wotta collection!

Overall Summary

Excellent compilation at a price which makes it an ideal Christmas stocking-filler.

Chris Jenkins

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