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Amstrad CPC464/664


#CPCRetroDev2018 (Amstrad CPC464/664)
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Cassette Single Plastic Black
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23rd March 2020
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18th Century Invaders (Amstrad CPC464/664)
77 Attempts (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Bank (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Bring Rg Back (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Cannon Duels (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Cat Pang (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Crimson Knight Adventures (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Crocker (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Cuchara Voladora (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Deeper Warrens (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Disassembler (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Earth Defender (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Elfo Saves Christmas (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Fitzroy And The Infestation (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Foosball F3 (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Hacktank (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Harvest Day (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Indigo (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Invade Space (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Jarlac (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Killing Machine (Amstrad CPC464/664)
KimoHiyoko (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Legend Of Steel (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Lunatic (Amstrad CPC464/664)
OPQA Vs. QAOP: The Final Battle (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Operation Alexandra (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Over Heap (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Penalty Kicks (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Redsea (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Snake Bubble (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Space Ball (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Space Cowboy (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Tank (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Taulellets (Amstrad CPC464/664)
The Adventures Of Timothy Gunn (Amstrad CPC464/664)
The Crypt (Amstrad CPC464/664)
The Last Debt (Amstrad CPC464/664)
The Rookie Thief (Amstrad CPC464/664)
The Spirit Of Halloween (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Turtle Slam (Amstrad CPC464/664)
Two Finger Death Now (Amstrad CPC464/664)
# Item TypeShow TitlePublication Date
1. Game18th Century Invaders (LYS Games)11th November 2018
2. Game77 Attempts (Unknown Designs)11th November 2018
3. GameBank (ACReturns)11th November 2018
4. GameBring Rg Back (Dead Pixel)11th November 2018
5. GameCannon Duels (David Asta)11th November 2018
6. GameCat Pang (Lady Cats)11th November 2018
7. GameCrimson Knight Adventures (Nibble Games)11th November 2018
8. GameCrocker (Merienda)11th November 2018
9. GameCuchara Voladora (Cuchara Voladora)11th November 2018
10. GameDeeper Warrens (Arnaud Bouche)11th November 2018
11. GameDisassembler (Machine Gun)11th November 2018
12. GameEarth Defender (Carlos Perezgrin)11th November 2018
13. GameElfo Saves Christmas (Ninja Pointer)11th November 2018
14. GameFitzroy And The Infestation (Awergh)11th November 2018
15. GameFoosball F3 (Quique Miquel)11th November 2018
16. GameHacktank (Retroleto Games)11th November 2018
17. GameHarvest Day (Pixel Productions)11th November 2018
18. GameIndigo (Indigo)11th November 2018
19. GameInvade Space (Proyecto Red)11th November 2018
20. GameJarlac (Retrobytes)11th November 2018
21. GameKilling Machine (PizzarT)11th November 2018
22. GameKimoHiyoko (Saray Cow)11th November 2018
23. GameLegend Of Steel (TOD Studios)11th November 2018
24. GameLunatic (Lunatic)11th November 2018
25. GameOperation Alexandra (4mhz)11th November 2018
26. GameOPQA Vs. QAOP: The Final Battle (Manuel Sagra)11th November 2018
27. GameOver Heap (Basta CPC)11th November 2018
28. GamePenalty Kicks (Sakis Kaffesakis)11th November 2018
29. GameRedsea (Gameroid)11th November 2018
30. GameSnake Bubble (The Bubble Club)11th November 2018
31. GameSpace Ball (Altered Vision)11th November 2018
32. GameSpace Cowboy (Voxel Tower)11th November 2018
33. GameTank (ARDAD)11th November 2018
34. GameTaulellets (Vicente Jimenez)11th November 2018
35. GameThe Adventures Of Timothy Gunn (CNGSoft)11th November 2018
36. GameThe Crypt (Retrogamma)11th November 2018
37. GameThe Last Debt (Retrojam Games)11th November 2018
38. GameThe Rookie Thief (CPZenon Games)11th November 2018
39. GameThe Spirit Of Halloween (Lab16Devs)11th November 2018
40. GameTurtle Slam (TurtleSlam)11th November 2018
41. GameTwo Finger Death Now (spherp08)11th November 2018

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