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Spectrum 48KThe Magic Shop (Arrow Books)I cannot praise this program highly enough - try it with your child!100%
Acorn ElectronSword Master (Acorn User)100% all round. This has been one of the most enjoyable games I have played.100%
Acorn ElectronThe Lost Crystal (Epic)A rare adventure which has a lot to offer the beginner and expert.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KTarget: Renegade (Imagine)Great to look at and better to play. Fast, exciting and terribly wince-making at points. Top-notch.100%
Sinclair ZX81Rocket Man (The Software Farm)10 out of 10. The game is fast and the graphics, as expected from the Software Farm, are superb and free flowing.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KTrailblazer (Gremlin Graphics)The ultimate test of your reactions. Visually astonishing reaction game utterly, utterly, utterly addictive.100%
Acorn ElectronPlay It Again Sam (Superior/Acornsoft)This is a stocking filler that everybody should have.100%
Spectrum 16KThrusta (Software Projects)100%... Different, enjoyable, and addictive.100%
Archimedes A3000Twin World (Ubi Soft)All the creatures you meet are brilliant animated and, in my opinion, this game is flawless in design and execution.100%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Elite Second Processor (Acornsoft)If you have a B+ or better, Elite is certainly worth a look. If you have a second processor or Turbo as well then it is a must.100%
Spectrum 48KThe Snowman (Quicksilva)Anyone under 110 will enjoy this delightful game.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KRed Moon (Level 9 Computing)It is hard to define what makes it so good. Could it be the quickly drawn pictures for each of the 200+ locations? Or the atmosphere created by the literate text? Or perhaps the well designed and created storyline?100%
BBC/ElectronMicrostuffer 64K Printer Buffer (Supra)If you rarely use your printer it isn't necessary, but if you regularly print large documents it could repay itself in time saved very quickly.100%
Archimedes A3000Jinxter (Cambridge International)Many delights and surprises await you in Jinxter; an adventure in which the only harm you can do yourself is from laughing or head scratching.100%
Spectrum 48KDeath Star Interceptor (System 3)If you took a quick look and shied away from this game then I think that it's worth giving it a second look.100%
Spectrum 48KNine Currant Buns (Arrow Books)100%...! Each activity has been well-planned, with good use made of the sound and graphics capability of the Spectrum.100%
Acorn ElectronPlay It Again Sam 8 (Superior/Acornsoft)If you lack just one of the games it's a good buy - if you're missing two or more it's a bargain.100%
Spectrum 48K/128KThe Artist II (Softechnics)Perhaps the definitive artist program. Easy to use but with incredibly powerful features.100%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Exile (Superior/Acornsoft)A very large and complex adventure.100%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Blood Of The Mutineers (Robico)One of the best ever memory-based adventures for the BBC.100%
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