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Spectrum 48KMined Out (Microparadise Software)Graphics are simple, colourful and perfectly adequate for this highly recommended game.85%
Spectrum 48KDictator (DK Tronics)The instructions need to be better explained, and longer. Build up secret police, but watch out for the army if it gets too strong!58%
Spectrum 48KThe Chess Player (Quicksilva)The synthisised speech is impressive, and the graphics pleasant, making this a very nice game indeed.81%
Atari 400Ghost Hunter (Arcade Plus)A reasonable copy of the arcade game although it misses some features and adds a lot of superfluous ones.66%
Atari 400Galactic Empire (Adventure International)Very limited graphics... Particularly annoying is that each time you move your fleet, the shipboard computer prepares a report which takes up to a minute to complete.40%
BBC Model BGames Of Logic (And Cunning) (Golem)This collection is varied in both quality and type of game.74%
Commodore Vic 20Mind Twisters (Romik)Vic owners fed up with Space Invaders could do worse than consider this package.75%
Dragon 32Breakout/Middle Kingdom (Dragon Data)Both games are very entertaining.86%
Sord M5Solitaire/Tower Of Hanoi (Computer Games)Both programs were well foolproofed and I could not crash them... Studying these programs may be more beneficial than reading the rather poorly written Basic I manual.61%
TI99/4ASpy's Demise (Stainless)Graphics are quite good, and interest is held very well indeed.84%
Spectrum 48KColditz Adventure (Phipps Associates)Good fun. I've seen the solution and the guy who wrote this is a sadist!89%
BBC/Electron'O'-ACES Physics 1 (Sunland)It's sad to see science reduced to this. You cannot even enter your own questions.28%
Sord M5Heavy Boxing (Computer Games)Animation is excellent and the tension as you helplessly watch your player on the floor being counted is excruciating.85%
Commodore 64Maths Invaders (Stell)The game is not up to the standard of many of the arcade games, but then again, they don't try to teach you anything!88%
Sord M5Super Cobra (Computer Games)Virtually impossible to play on the keyboard - you are required to manipulate no less than nine keys at once - a must for all scramble-type game addicts.86%
Spectrum 16KTimebomb (CDS Microsystems)Not among the best game of its type.60%
Oric 48K/AtmosGhostman (Severn)If you still like pacman, this is probably the definitive version for the Oric.78%
Dragon 32Linkword (Computerware)Certainly worth buying if you want to know a little Spanish before you take your holiday there.83%
TI99/4AAutochar File (Unknown)Invaluable to the programmer as a great effort- and time-saving device.90%
Dragon 32/64 or Tandy Color 32/64Dragon Cruncher (Elkan Electronics)A simple and effective utility that may prove a saviour for the Tandy owner who feels increasingly isolated.93%
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