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Atari 400Dambusters (Ndsl)Reasonable graphics... Sound effects are also quite good. On the whole the game is quite realistic but I found it a little on the slow side.78%
Dragon 32Chicken Run (Impsoft)The scoring is a little stingy in my opinion but it could become addictive.70%
Spectrum 48KDix Mille (Cases Computer Simulations)Riveting! Sounds boring but it's not!!86%
BBC Model BCustard Pie Fight (Comsoft)A nicely done, if average, game. A pity there is no provision for joysticks in the program.64%
BBC Model BXanadu Cottage/Ebony Tower (Alligata)Whilst these adventures aren't simple, I don't think that they will tax an experienced player.80%
Spectrum 48KRed Attack (Unique)Not addictive... Barely as good as the best magazine listings... Cannot be recommended, even if it is cheap.71%
Acorn ElectronAtom Smasher (Romik)Honestly, if this is the best that Romik can do with the Electron I don't why they bothered.44%
Commodore 64Astro Chase (Statesoft)The graphics are excellent and very colourful; sound was quite good too.89%
Spectrum 48KDark Star (Design Design)Lots of extras are included in a very professional program.85%
Spectrum 48K/128KPeter Pan (Hodder & Stoughton)If you are an adventure game freak, the classic battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook should enthrall you.60%
Spectrum 48K/128KThe Crystal Frog (Kerian UK Ltd)Objects did not appear easily. A slightly boring, non-addictive game.43%
Commodore 64Nuclear Games (Severn)Should provide hours of adventuring.70%
Commodore 64Thrusta (Software Projects)A fun game which became rather boring after a few screens.66%
Commodore 64Chiller (Mastertronic)At a normal price this game would be good value. At £1.99 it's simply amazing.84%
Commodore 64Sorcery (Virgin Games)Graphically the game is very tasty with smooth animation and nice design.85%
Commodore 64/128Orpheus In The Underworld (The Power House)A game of good quality which, however, seems to lack that certain special something and is perhaps a little limited in variety.73%
Acorn ElectronErbert (Microbyte)The extra features are there and the graphic shapes are good but the movement routines are strange and made me blink a great deal.81%
Spectrum 48KBingo (Tynesoft)I can't wait to see if micro users are just as hooked on Bingo as the rest of the world!81%
BBC Model BPaul Daniels' Magic Show (Acornsoft)My family were amazed... Ultimately success depends on the presenter, and not the computer... There's a lot for the imaginative magician to do.80%
Spectrum 16K/48KGener-80 (Seven Stars Publishing)Full marks for versatility... The manual too is first class, full of hints and examples.100%
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