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Spectrum 48KGold Rush (Compulogical S.A.)Surprisingly, no sound is used... Recommended if you are able to take advantage of the Kempston or Sinclair joystick option.79%
Commodore 64Goodness Gracious (Beyond)Graphics were not outstanding and animation slowed whenever the space bar was down.45%
Commodore 64Goodness Gracious (Beyond)Not destined to become one of the all time greats in the C64 Hall of Fame, and for a new company trying to make its way in the computer software scene this is a very disappointing start.10%
Spectrum 48KNew Venture (Falcon Computing)An interesting idea, with a PG rating - suitable for intelligent people above the age of 14.71%
Sord M5Slots (CGL)Quite honestly, this program wouldn't even be worth publishing as a magazine listing.15%
Dragon 32Buzzard Bait (Tom Mix)A real winner which I would like to see on other machines too.98%
Spectrum 48KDungeon Builder (Dream)You won't write your game in a day. It's quite hard, even given the excellent power at your fingertips.98%
Spectrum 48KOlympics 84 (Lasersound)You need to practise to get the best from this "program with a purpose".88%
Oric 48K/AtmosQuack A Jack (Severn)In all, the game is very well put together and should provide lasting entertainment.78%
Spectrum 48K/128KBlade The Warrior (Cable)Highly recommended and excellent value for money, there's just one moan; why the odd spalling mistook?98%
TI99/4ACrazy Fun House (Timeless)On the whole, a very entertaining game and well worth the money.94%
Spectrum 48KExtended BASIC (CP)This toolkit does not appear to be compatible with the Microdrive; it crashes, so if you're thinking of upgrading, it will have limited use.88%
Commodore 64Space Walk (Mastertronic)It may appeal to space freaks... I found the game interesting but not very compulsive.50%
Commodore Vic 20Alpha Blaster (Sumlock)Graphics are tolerable albeit flickery; as for sound, forget it. Consider the delights that Sumlock is producing for the C64 and this can only be seen as a dead loss.58%
BBC Model BHaunted Abbey (A 'n F)If you are not a born adventurer, then I would say this is your first rung on a very long ladder to the top.78%
BBC Model BThe Complete Machine Code Tutor (New Generation)During the few hours I have used this package, I have learned more than I did in several days of grappling with books on the subject.88%
Spectrum 48KMaths Utilities Pack 1 (Solway Software)After quadratic equations are explained you are requested to enter the co-efficients of x squared and x and the constant term... The computer produces results.60%
Commodore 64Autocalc 64 (Richard Shepherd)My only complaint about the package is that it cannot be output to parallel printers using the user port.94%
Atari 400River Rescue (Creative Sparks)River Rescue does indeed deserve some credit, infuriating as it is... Sound effects are very realistic.49%
Spectrum 48KDouble Decker (Mfm)Certainly, these games will allow you to learn the rules of these card games, practise, and occupy some time without leaving your chair.84%
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