In Spiders, you must move a little figure to the other side of the screen. The difficulty is that you are pursued by large, venomous spiders and you must avoid their webs. The idea is good and the characters are well defined. The only problem is that it's incredibly difficult to get a decent score, so you're left feeling frustrated and angry!

Simon is the MS version of the electronic game. The object is to correctly repeat an increasing sequence of colours, numbers and sounds. This is a good implementation but I found the original electronic game boring and this version didn't interest me either. I suppose you could get hooked if you like the original though.

In Granny, you are in control of the green man whose task is to get the old ladies across the busy road. The storyline is good but the sound and graphics could have been infinitely better.

These games are fun for the first few goes but would probably pall after that. It's a shame machine code was not used.