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And... That's A Wrap!

Posted by dave_e on 6th August 2019

We've been hard at work over the last few days adding the entirety of the articles from Computer Gamer magazine to our site.

All items are now updated with comments from reviews that appeared in this Eighties magazine (whether positive or negative)... with over 3,000 reviews it's been a long slog. We originally started this project more than a year ago. As of a few moments ago, all reviews are completed and available from the Magazine Review Search page.

Next on the list is to finalise the archive of Zzap 64 reviews, another project we started a few years ago. Zzap covered games for the Commodore computers, i.e. C64, Amiga, C16.

We hope you enjoy the archives. They're not available anywhere else... well, not yet anyway. They could be if that site grabs them via our API.

Computer Gamer #10 Reviews Added

Posted by dave_e on 23rd July 2019

If you're one of those few people who keep an eye on the What's New (Tech) section, you'll be aware that one of our projects which has been slowly coming to fruition over the past few months is adding all of the reviews from the independent Eighties magazine Computer Gamer to the Everygamegoing database. Scans of the individual pages of this magazine have been available for some time, but no text or illustrated html versions accompany many of the issues.

Today we added all of the reviews from Computer Gamer #10, a milestone which puts the complete archive just past the 75% completed stage...

You can now view all of the reviews from Computer Gamer #10.

Alternatively, you can use the super-fast Magazine Index Search. Remember to select Computer Gamer and Reviews from the drop-downs. (Many other magazines are also available, with over 40,000 articles available in total!)

Models Games Guides: The Acorn Electron

Posted by dave_e on 22nd July 2019

In recent years we've seen quite a large number of annuals, history books and fanzines dedicated to 8-bit computers like the Spectrum, Amstrad, C64 and Amiga. However, there hasn't been a lot of interest in the Acorn computers like the BBC, Archimedes and Acorn Electron.

However, all that changes today with the release of Everygamegoing's Models Games Guides series. The first volume features 188 full-colour, glossy pages chronicling one hundred games for the Acorn Electron.

Lovingly put together over the past six months, I've made this part art-book and part nostalgia trip, and it features a lot of the photos from my didn't-quite-make-it Hot Girls Cool Computers kickstarter. Every review is an original work and all the valuations come direct from this site itself. If you're interested in collecting for the Acorn Electron, this guide will help you divide the great games from the naff ones, and make sure you pay a fair price. It costs £29.95 and can be ordered either through Everygamegoing or via Blurb.

There's also a dedicated page for ordering prints.