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Uncle Claude (1984) (BBC Model B, Cassette) United Kingdom
Publisher: Alligata

Genre: Production Line

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: BBC Model B

Release: Professionally released On Cassette (Side 1


Available For:
BBC Model B

Compatible Emulators: BeebEm (PC (Windows))
Model B Emulator (PC (Windows))

How To Play

Move the elements to the production line and avoid the rampaging boss and his Spectrum-shaped projectiles.

Game Information

Original Release Date: 1st Nov 1984
Original Release Price: £7.95
Market Valuation: £15.74 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Cassette Single Flat Clamshell Black
Author(s): Marcus Altman  

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What They Said

"While lacking the length and depth of something like Jet Set Willy, everything is certainly better animated and a lot more fun." (Read Full Review)
... Big K
"A game of worker against boss, capitalism against socialism... but it really is an arcade style game too." (Read Full Review)
... Home Computing Weekly
"It's a very simple game idea, but surprisingly addictive. The animation is good even when Claude inflicts GBH on our hero, and the ambulance rushes him off to hospital." (Read Full Review)
... Personal Computer Games
"The animation was smooth, the characters colourful... yet the game had no character." (Read Full Review)
... The Micro User

Critic Score

64%based on 4 review(s)

Audience Score

100%based on 1 vote(s)

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Cover Art

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Where To Get It

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Download What It Contains
A digital version of Uncle Claude suitable for BeebEm (PC (Windows)), PcBBC (PC (MS-DOS)), Model B Emulator (PC (Windows))
A digital version of Uncle Claude suitable for BeebEm (PC (Windows)), PcBBC (PC (MS-DOS)), Model B Emulator (PC (Windows))


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The Game

Experience "arcade excitement" in this topical challenge of workers against bosses with unemployment as the prize stakes. Uncle Claude, the archetype capitalist head of an electronics conglomerate is after more profit, seeking higher prices for his goods. By a clever piece of union espionage, the workers hear of this dastardly plan and, fearing it may lose them jobs, elect you, Micro Micky, to ship goods to the shops as soon as possible.

You sneak into the warehouse after dark and start loading products onto the conveyor - you need twelve to move up a level. But, alas, Uncle Claude is lying in wait, ready to cast deadly umstrads at you or boot you out the door to the waiting ambulance. He's hired the evil corporation to protect his stock and so you must dodge the prickly acorns before they poison you. You can fight back and knock Claude down with one of his products, hitting him from above or below, and finally once all twelve are loaded he'll give up the key to the next level.

3 Lives, 11 Levels.

Game Features

Products (one range per level), strip plug, cassette, watch, radio, camera, portable stereo, reel to reel tape recorder, synthesizer, TV set, cruise missile, BBC Model B.

Four screen patterns, 3 and 4 feature a force barrier with a move hole through which products are to be pushed.

Game Controls

N - Left, M - Right, A - Up, Z - Down
F/U - Pause/Continue, Q/S - Sound Off/On


Placing object on conveyor ... 100 points
Knocking Claude down ... 50 points
Eating custard pie ... 100 points

Extra life every 4,000 points.



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