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The Lost Treasures Of Tulum (2020) (Spectrum 128K/+2, Cassette)
Publisher: RetroWorks
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Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Spectrum 128K, Spectrum +2

Release: Released as Public Domain software On Cassette

Available For:
Spectrum 128K/+2

Compatible Emulators: ZXSpin (PC (Windows))
Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 26th May 2020*
Weight Boxed: 82g
Box Type: Not a physical item so no box
Author(s): WYZ, Metalbrain, Sejuan & Utopian  

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What They Said

"I had high hopes for this game... but it doesn't feel as if it's destined to be remembered as fondly. I do think it will find its fair share of fans though." (Read Full Review)
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48%based on 1 review(s)

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A digital version of The Lost Treasures Of Tulum suitable for ZXSpin (PC (Windows)), Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))


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Coatlicue was revered as the mother of the gods and was represented as a woman wearing a snake skirt. She has sagging breasts, which symbolize fertility, and a necklace of hands and human hearts that represent life. Her husband was Mixcoatl. She was living on Coatepec hill, where she was doing penance, as she was in charge of sweeping. Once, while she was sweeping, a beautiful plumage fell from the sky, which she collected and placed in her bosom. When she finished sweeping, she looked for the feather she had stored, but couldn't find it. At that moment, she became pregnant from the god Huitzilopochtli (God of the Sun). That mysterious pregnancy offended her four hundred other children (the Centzon Huitznáhuac star gods) who, instigated by their sister Coyolxauhqui (goddess of the Moon), decided to kill their disgraced mother, but Huitzilopochtli, Coatlicue's newborn son; He killed his sister Moon and brothers star gods, thus defending his mother's life.

So far everything normal, according to Aztec legends, but our protagonist Juanín Joe Díaz, found an old parchment, when he studied in Mexico, in one of the tombs he was exploring in a city far from this valley. In this parchment a strange story was narrated telling that Coatlicue fled the Tollan-Xicocotilan valleys and it gave clues that she went and hid in the Tulum temple, which at that time was known as Zamá (which in Maya means dawn), helped by his son Sol and persecuted by the spirit of her daughter Moon. He got so impressed by this legend that he decided to follow the indications from the parchment to access the area of Tulum where apparently Coatlicue's rooms were located.

Once inside he found himselft trapped, and the the only way to get out would be by taking the jewels left behind by Coatlicue, with the help of the SUN god, and avoiding the attacks of the Star Gods and the curses of the Moon Goddess.

Will you be able to help Juanín Joe to escape from the Tulum temple?

How To Play

You enter the Temple of Tulum through a secret cave, full of traps and separated by halls closed with a magic door which opens with the four jewels spread by Coatlicue, and darkness can be your enemy or your ally. The sun king has left you an eternal torch, which shows you the way and once visited remains illuminated, but bewere, there are hexes hidden by the Moon queen which can make you lose your vision.

Your mission consists in getting out of the Temple of Tulum, and for that it's necessary to take the gems you'll find in each level to pass to the next one. In your escape you can help yourself with the items you'll find inside hidden chests between the levels shadows. Not every level has chests, and neither can every level be completely illuminated.


  1. Gem
    Accumulate four to pass the level. They also increase your energy.
  2. Key
    With it you'll pass the level, without the need of taking the gems. It's not recommended to offend Coatlicue if the level is open.
  3. Moon
    Coyolxauhqui, representation of a minor God, daughter of Coatlicue. It will envelope you in darkness.
  4. Sun
    Huitzilopochtli, another minor God which will help you by illuminating the level.
  5. Heart
    It will recover your energy.

Our hero can jump, use the whip he carries or throw the light which he uses to illuminate his way through the dark passages of each level. He can go up and down vines, use the light or the whip in them sometimes necessary to avoid bad experiences.

As you advance, you'll light the level which is always in darkness. And if you throw the light it will help you find the safest way to advance. It will also be essential to throw it to be able to use the whip against the enemies.

During the game the enemies will go after you as soon as they see you. You can hide behind rocks or in the darkness. Don't worry about doing it, stop for a moment and you'll see your eyes will soon become used to the dark. In each level, the enemies will search those who wake them up from their rest, although if they meet the darkness, it will make them disappear. Or use your whip on them and you'll take them back to the shadows even if it's for a brief period of time.

Do you think you'll be able to help Juanin Joe to escape the Temple of Tulum and Coyolxauhqui?

Good luck!!

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Up, A - Down, SPACE - Jump, M - Throw light/whip

You may use a Sinclair joystick if you prefer. Note you will need the M key to throw.


128K only game. Use Tape Loader.

Game Credits

Code: sejuan, wyz, utopian and metalbrain
Graphics: mikomedes y sejuan
Music: mikomedes
sfx: wyz
Cover art: mikomedes
testers: pagantipaco, utopian, ivanzx and the rest of retroworks team.
Translation: Jaime Tejedor aka metalbrain

bin2tap by Jaime Tejedor
Decompressor zx7mini by Einar Saukas and Antonio Villena.
Graphics using SevenuP by Jaime Tejedor aka metalbrain.
Music created with WYZTRACKER by Augusto Ruiz.

With Thanks

To everyone who share their z80 knowledge.
To the whole RETROWORKS group for their help, specially pagantipaco, utopian and wyz. You're all very hated.

Spits ad eternum.
To mikomedes because he accompanies me in all the crazy ideas that I have.


It couldn't any other way. To all health care personal we have in our blue planet and which fights tirelessly for human life in these hard days. A huge thanks and a big hug with tearful eyes for everyone.

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