The Ket Trilogy (BBC/Electron) -

Your Statistics

These are a measure of your current condition. They are put into three categories: Prowess, Energy and Luck. These abilities are used in Combat.


To enter into combat you must have a weapon. If for some reason you get into a fight then a special combat screen will be displayed. This will show your abilities and (Thanks to Edgar) those of your foe. Combat is split into a number of rounds ending when one of you snuffs it or you chicken out! Each round your prowess and that of your opponent is compared. The higher of the two has a greater chance of hitting his opponent, but even if your Prowess is lower you may still be able to hit!

When you hit your opponent his energy will decrease, when he has none left he will die. The same applies to you! If you are hit then you get a chance to dodge - this is where your luck comes into play. The more you have the more chance you have of dodging.

COMBAT (Temple Of Vran only)

If you engage in combat whilst playing the Temple of Vran you will need to prepare a weapon, e.g.:


N.B. This only applies to the Temple of Vran.

Saving And Loading

At some stage during play you may wish to save your present position in the game for continuing at a later date. To do this, enter SAVE, try in a filename and start the tape recording. Press a key and the game will then be saved.

To load a previously saved position, load the main program: Type LOAD and press RETURN, then play your data tape. When loading is complete you can then continue from the saved position.

Helpful Hints

It will be very useful to draw a map of the area as you proceed.

Edgar says, "Don't just kill everything!"

Once inside the Mountain - Leave valuables in a safe place for a massive score?

Don't leave anything useful in a different time zone - you may not be able to return!

On your travels you will find many curious items. These may be worn, help you in combat, assist in solving a problem or be of no use whatsoever!

Beware of One Way Doors!

The Arrows are red: Z=1, A=26, etc.


On completing 100% of each adventure, part of a message will be revealed!?!

Screen Designers

The following utilities are also available to allow you to edit the supplied screens of this game:



A digital version of this item can be downloaded right here at Everygamegoing (All our downloads are in .zip format).

Download What It Contains
A digital version of The Ket Trilogy suitable for BeebEm (PC (Windows)), PcBBC (PC (MS-DOS)), Model B Emulator (PC (Windows)), Elkulator 1.0 (PC (Windows))
A digital version of The Ket Trilogy suitable for BeebEm (PC (Windows)), PcBBC (PC (MS-DOS)), Model B Emulator (PC (Windows)), Elkulator 1.0 (PC (Windows))

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