The Improbable War (Commodore Vic 20) -
The Improbable War (2016) (Commodore Vic 20, Cassette)
Publisher: Commodore Denial
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Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Commodore Vic 20

Release: Released as Public Domain software On Cassette

Available For:
Commodore Vic 20

Compatible Emulators: WinVICE 2.4 x64 (PC (Windows))

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 1st Jan 2016
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Cassette Single Plastic Clear
Author(s): Jeffrey Daniels  

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Introduction | How To Play | Game Controls | Loading


Defend your castle from the approaching invaders! Use strategy and deduction to stop the enemy.

How To Play

Each side has three types of war units:

  1. Water (blue),
  2. Fire (red) and
  3. Earth (green).

Water douses Fire.
Fire scorches Earth.
Earth absorbs Water.
Equal units are mutually destroyed.

You win only when all invaders are destroyed.

The enemy wins by occupying the castle or destroying all player units.

Game Controls

To move a unit use:

A - Left, D - Right, W - Up, S - Down

To highlight each unit, use Space Bar. Tap to rotate between all available units.

Your may use a joystick if you prefer.

Adjust difficulty by holding SHIFT or CTRL at the start of the game.



The game should take no more than a few minutes to load.

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