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She Vampires (2015) (ZX Vega, Preloaded) Europe (EU)
Publisher: Alternative
Altered Vision | Alternative | Alto-Tech

Machine Compatibility: ZX Vega

Release: Professionally released built-in in to the ZX Vega

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464, Spectrum 48K & ZX Vega

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 24th Aug 2015
Market Valuation: £0.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Not a physical item so no box
Author(s): Simon Dunstan  

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Introduction | Gameplay | Game Controls
Starting A Game | Screen Display


Weems, a failed accountant turned lion-tamer, found circus life too dull. So he decided on a career as a vampire hunter. Now he faces his toughest challenge.

Armed only with a rapid-fire garlic gun and a single smart-garlic pill, he has forced his way into the Mansion of the She Vampires. Weems must blaze his way through the six lethal levels of the labyrinthine Mansion. Attacked on all sides by sharp-fanged bats, dim-witted Frankenstein monsters and hungry She Vampires, Weems has to pick up a vital weapon on each level. Occasional bottles of blood to supplement his fast failing blood count and a few garlic bombs strewn around may just help Weems survive but the ultimate horror still lies ahead.

On the final level of the Mansion lurks the Great She Vampire herself. Weems will only be able to destroy her if he has collected all the weapons he needs on the battle-torn way to her lair. Then he must fight his way out of the Mansion. Weems has just one small problem... Staying alive!


Weems has to battle through six labyrinthine levels of assorted ghouls to reach the Great She Vampire in her penthouse lair. If he's picked up the vital secret weapon on each of the previous levels, he'll be able to destroy her. If not, it's curtains for Weems!

Each level has its own layout of corridors and rooms littered with coffins and alive with bloodsucking nasties. Watch out for hidden doors in the walls and magic transporter blocks in the floors. Weems' garlic gun fires such tiny particles of garlic that his ammo is more or less limitless. He can also pick up keys (for any locked doors), refreshing bottles of blood to raise his flagging blood count and the few garlic bombs scattered about the place.

Garlic bombs clear the screen of nasties. Weems can also swallow his single smart-garlic pill at any time to give himself short-time immunity to the bloodsuckers. This can be handy either early in the game to give you a chance to get used to the gameplay, or later when the going gets really though!

Once the bloodsuckers have been wiped out from screen, you can blast coffins. This helps to keep the area clear because bats, in particular, gather around them. She Vampires are even harder to kill and they're smart!

The objects you need to find to kill the Great She Vampire are in boxes, one on each level. The five are: a stake, a mallet, a piece of mega-garlic, a mirror and a crucifix.

If Weems kills the Great She Vampire, he'll need to get out of the Mansion fast. The enraged nasties on all levels don't take kindly to having their boss knocked off, so Weems can expect a rough time!

Game Controls

The default keys are as follows:

Z - Left, X - Right, B - Up, N - Down, M - Fire
G - Garlic Bomb, S - Smart Garlic

You may redefine the keys if you wish. You may also play with Kempston or Interface II joysticks if preferred. If doing so, use the joystick's fire button to let rip with the garlic gun and S on the keyboard for the Smart Garlic.

There are some additional controls on the main menu:

F - Pause On/Off, W - Sound On/Off, 1 - Change Fang Length

Choose 'Fang Length' (1-3) for level of difficulty - the longer the fangs, the more quickly your blood is drained!

Starting A Game

Select keyboard or joystick options Type in your initials, hit ENTER and let battle commence!

Screen Display

From left to right, in the folds of the vampire's wings, you will see the following readouts:

  • Blood count: starts at 1000 and drops fast.
  • Keys: the number shows you how many you're carrying - the symbol with no number means you have no keys.
  • Garlic bombs: the number shows how many you're carrying - the symbol with no number means you have no bombs.
  • Level: tells you which level of the Mansion you're on.
  • Scores: current and high scores are shown.

During the game, when you locate and collect each of the five weapons you need to destroy the Great She Vampire, they will appear amongst the folds of the wings.

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