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poly.play 3rd Anniversary Collection (Limited Edition) (2019) (Amstrad CPC/Commodore/Spectrum, Cassette) Europe (EU)
Publisher: poly.play

Contents: Dawn Of Kernel (Usebox.net), Golden Tail (Usebox.net), Hibernated I: This Place Is Death (Pond), Hibernated I: This Place Is Death (Pond), Magica (poly.play), Pentomino (Shining), Rescuing Orc (Usebox.net) and The Bear Essentials (Pond)

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Amstrad CPC464, Commodore 64, Spectrum 48K, Commodore 128, Spectrum 128K, Spectrum Plus, Spectrum +2, Amstrad CPC464+, Amstrad CPC664

Release: Professionally released On 2 x Cassette (Side 1

| Side 2)

Compatible Emulators: WinApe 2.0b2 (PC (Windows))
WinVICE 2.4 x64 (PC (Windows))
ZXSpin (PC (Windows))
Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 3rd October 2019*
Original Release Price: £14.99
Market Valuation: £14.99
Weight Boxed: 82g
Box Type: Cassette Double Plastic Clear

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Golden Tail (Amstrad CPC464 Version, 15 Screenshots)

Magica (Amstrad CPC464 Version, 22 Screenshots)

Hibernated I: This Place Is Death (Amstrad CPC464/664/6128 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Rescuing Orc (Commodore 64/128 Version, 14 Screenshots)

The Bear Essentials (Commodore 64/128 Version, 24 Screenshots)

Dawn Of Kernel (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 15 Screenshots)

Pentomino (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 16 Screenshots)

Hibernated I: This Place Is Death (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3 Version, 16 Screenshots)

Cover Art

Front Cover
Back Cover
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Golden Tail (Amstrad CPC) | Magica (Amstrad CPC) | Rescuing Orc (Commodore 64) | Pentomino (Amstrad CPC) | Hibernated 1 (Amstrad/Spectrum) | The Bear Essentials (Commodore 64) | The Dawn Of Kernal (Amstrad/Spectrum)

Golden Tail

The Shogun stole the Golden Tail and used its power to besiege Osaka Castle. He was unaware that the talisman would reveal his true nature, and his heart was evil...

The land rot and monsters were summonded, until Bishamon scattered the stone in 30 pieces, all over the doomed valley and the castle.

It is said that the Golden Tail can be restored, perhaps this time for good...

You play the ninja spy Kitsune, that is on a mission to collect all thirty pieces of the Golden Tail.

Koga Magic

Kitsune can perform Koga Magic that will allow him to disappear from the action for a short period of time. During the time he is invisible, he will move faster, jump higher and enemies or hazards like poisonous water won't hurt him. The magic can be used in different ways: without moving, running, jumping or even mid-jump when Kitsune is on the air. All these moves will have different results, so it is vital to understand the magic in order to finish the game.

Golden Tail Controls

Cursor Keys to move left/right, jump and crouch. SPACE to activate the magic.

H - Toggle Pause, ESCAPE - Skip Intro/End Game

You may use a joystick if you prefer.

Golden Tail Monsters

Flying Skull: Tortured souls that roam the valley. They're fast, but easy to avoid.

Walker: Deceased that slowly walk the land as if they were still alive.

Vampire: Giant bats that can be found in the caves. Some will wander around; others wait for prey to attack.

Kappa: Imps that will try to lure people into the poisonous water to devour them.

Oni Samurai: The elite soldiers of the Shogun, doomed to protect Osaka Castle forever. They will use their demonic arts to stop any intruder.

Yurei: Ghosts of women that used to serve the Shogun. They can see the light of all living creatures and their touch is deadly.

Loading Golden Tail


Golden Tail Credits

Concept, Code, Graphics, Sound, Manual Text: Juan J. Martinez
Game Testing and Help: Jose Maria Velo
Cover Art: Ralph Niese
Thanks To: Fran Loscos, Andre Lahmann

Magica (Amstrad CPC)

Magica is an arcade game. You play the Sorceress in a mission to recover all the potions stolen from her laboratory. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does happen, it is really annoying!

How To Play

You have fifty seconds to get rid of all the enemies on each stage, collect all the potions and reach to the exit door. In order to dispose of the enemies you have to kick them when they're stunned; otherwise they will kill you.

You can stun them by using your magic or by hitting them with other enemies, so you can use chain effects to help you in your task. Once an enemy has been killed, a potion will be available to collect. Get all the potions and a door will open to exit the stage. Stunning and kicking enemies, collecting potions and extra time, and exiting through the door will increase your score.

Every 10,000 points you'll get an extra life (and you'll need it!). There are 50 stages in total.

Magica Controls

Cursor Keys to move left/right and jump. SPACE cast spell.

H - Toggle Pause, ESCAPE - Skip Intro/End Game

You may use a joystick if you prefer.

Magica Monsters

There are different types of monsters that show different types of behaviour and abilities:

  1. Jester
    Jumping and joking around, this is the less dangerous enemy you'll find. Be careful if they come in groups.
  2. Knight
    They will use their shield to dispel your magic, so a frontal attack won't have any effect on them. Other enemies may hide behind them, and you don't want them to team up with other foes!
  3. Wizard
    He will use his magic to try to kill you. Keep yourself out of range all the time.
  4. Witch
    Using a flying broom, this enemy will reach places other enemies can't. Keep an eye on them, they always attack from above.
  5. Goblin
    Like the Wizard, the Goblin is capable of casting spells, but is also very agile and fast in his jumps.
  6. Demon
    The demons are the most aggressive enemy and they will go after you if they thing that they can get you.
  7. Ghost
    They're able to fly through walls, so be careful when you feel safe, they can appear behind you.
  8. Fairy
    Not really an enemy, although they will kill you if they can. Nobody really understands why they're here because they won't drop a potion but extra time instead. This is the only type of enemy that you don't have to kill in order to clear the stage.

Loading Magica


Rescuing Orc (Commodore 64)

How far would you go to help a friend? When you best friend Orc (an orc, coincidentally) didn't show up for tea after a couple of weeks, it was pretty clear something had happened to him. Armed with your trusty sword, enter the dangerous World of Magica where things are not always what they seem, including you: a goblin with good character! This is a mission to find what happened to your friend, starting deep in the Black Forest and exploring five different areas, from the perilous Rocky Mountains to the dark corridors of Bluestone Keep.

Black Forest

Ancient trees whisper stories of the world they have seen change over hundreds of years. This is the home of Elves and other critters, like the crawling slimes that infest the intricate cave system under the forest, and giant bats that wait for prey in the darkest places. It is also the home of your best friend, Orc.

Rocky Mountains

There is an intricate path to cross the mountains, where Lizardmen ambust the adventurous travellers that test their luck in the narrow passages, throwing them stones so they slip and fall over the sharp rocks of the bottom of the gorge. It is said that in these mountains the rock is alive, in the form of silent golems slowly pacing, looking for victims to crush.

Bluestone Keep

Once bastion of the good men, the stranghold has fallen in disgrace. The walls of blue stane that for generations were the symbol of the fight of humans against immortal evil, now protect secrets of dungeons filled with prisoners and torture. Some fools dare to say the King is a madman, putting his hopes and dreams in hands of wizards and their arcane arts. Others are too scared of his soldiers and knights that protect the King and his treasure.

Rescuing Orc Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Jump, A - Action, SPACE - Slash/Dismiss text

1 - Music On/Off, SPACE - Start Game, RUN/STOP - Exit Game

The game can be controlled with the keyboard or a joystick in port 2. Press Fire to start the game with the joystick.

Loading Rescuing Orc


Rescuing Orc Game Credits

Programming, sound and graphics: Juan J. Martinez
Loading screen: Vanja Utne
Cover illustration: Ralph Niese
Game testing: Antxiko, Jose Maria Velo, Fran Loscos, Rob Caporetto, Ant Stiller, Graham Axten, Roy Fielding

Pentomino (Amstrad CPC)

Pentomino consists of four game modes:

  1. Easy: You have to solve 32 puzzles consisting of two tokens each. You don't run out of time. The clock only shows the duration for the current puzzle.
  2. Medium: You have to solve 216 puzzles consisting of three tokens each. You don't run out of time. The clock only shows the duration for the current puzzle.
  3. Hard: You have to solve 216 puzzles consisting of four tokens each. You don't run out of time. The clock only shows the duration for the current puzzle.
  4. Survival: You have to solve all 464 puzzles, beginning with the easy ones. You can run out of time, but you will get a time bonus when a puzzle is solved.

Pentominoes Game Controls

Control is possible with Joystick 1 including Fire 1 or Cursor Keys including Space.

P will instantly abort every game to the main menu.

When you have not taken a token, you can move the hand around the playground. When your hand is above a token pressing Fire (Space or joystick 1 fire 1) will take the token. Then you can move the token. When you hold a token and you hold the Fire button, you can turn it by using the F/G keys. If you want to mirror the token, use the H/I keys.

Loading Pentominoes


Pentominoes Game Credits

Code and manual text: Shining
Graphics: GAL6128
Music: MmcM (visit his website at mmcm.ru)
Cover: poly.play, based on a photo by adam121/fotolia

Hibernated 1 (Amstrad/Spectrum)

Welcome to your adventure... Have you ever dreamed about a journey far beyond the known regions of the universe?

Hibernated 1: This Place Is Death is a Science-Fiction text adventure. It is the first interactive story in an epic trilogy centred around Olivia Lund, who has been sent on an interplanetary exploration mission by the Terran Alliance.

After being in hypersleep for more than 200 years and with more than 800 light-years being travelled, her ship, the Polaris-7, crosses paths with a gigantic alien vessel and is captured by a tractor beam.

Olivia soon finds out that this may not be her only problem. There is no communication and there are no signs of life. The extraterrestrial spacecraft just continues to drift through the cosmic void, something it seems to be doing for thousands of years now. This is a tomb in-between the stars, which Olivia has to enter to extricate herself from this interstellar trap. Io, the navigation robot of the Polaris-7, is probably her only friend now. Far away from home and surrounded by death and decay, she found the answer to one of the greatest questions of mankind. Are we alone? The answer is: yes, out here, we are more alone than ever.

Hibernated 1 Gameplay

Hibernated is a text-only adventure. It works with a two-word-logic, e.g. EAT APPLE, EXAMINE CUPBOARD. The parser is capable tough to understand better forms of expression. So you could write N to go north, you could also write GO NORTH. You generally move with N(orth), S(outh), W(est), E(ast), or any other direction that is written in the room description like, e.g. UP or SE.

You don't have to search for hidden exits, everything is clearly visible to you. A door though might be locked, with is a different cup of tea.

The game comes with many synonums that enhance the gameplay, e.g. EXAMINE BODY, CHECK CORPSE, INSPECT DEAD would all result in the same operation. LOOK AT is also a synonum for EXAMINE. To satisfy your expectations: corpses actually *are* objects in the game. Not only nouns have synonyms, the same counts for verbs: GET, GRAB, TAKE would all invoke the same operation.

You can save and load your progress at any time. Type HELP in-game to learn more about disk/tape operations. Type REDESCRIBE if you want to read the room description again. Hit INVENTORY to have a look at the items you're carrying.

The most common three operations have a short form: you can write R instead of REDESCRIBE to redescribe a room, I to check the inventory and X to EXAMINE an object.

QUIT allows you to end the game.

Common instructions are: USE, EXAMINE, DROP, TAKE, SEARCH, OPEN, PUSH, N, S, E, W. Other instructions derive from hints you get while progressing.

Type HINT to get a more or less cryptic hint how to achieve the next major goal in the game (progress-level).

How To Solve The Mystery

  1. Draw a map. That's probably the most important aspect to win this game, Hibernated doesn't differ much in that from other text adventures.
  2. Keep your progress in mind. Hibernated is heavily based on dependencies and progress levels. You might have the right idea (verb noun combination) but the time is wrong. Just because an operation doesn't work does not necessarily mean it won't work later. e.g. why should you USE TOILET if there is no need for that?

    Why should you SEARCH for TOILETPAPER if you don't need it? Io sometimes gives you hints about the steps necessary for the progression. And sometimes, even the time is right, the idea is right but the place is wrong. That's also for you to consider. If you want to take a shower, you go to the bathroom. Yes, that was a metaphor.
  3. Examine a lot. Not only does examining give you useful hints - and think twice about what you read, Hibernatred comes also with a lot of hilarious jokes and references. So be sure to examine everything, including the objects you carry and encounter as you might be otherwise missing most of the fun.
  4. Searching rooms is not a thing, e.g. SEARCH AREA. Searching an object though is fine, e.g. SEARCH CUPBOARD.
  5. Use a shortcut. On the alien ship you can type anytime GO POLARIS to get baack to the Polaris-7 with skipping all the rooms in-between. You will need to go back quite a few ties so this is a very handy feature. The feature won't work if you're not wearing your space suit as that would result in a gameplay paradoxon.

    Also, it makes sense in a logical context. When you're in outer space you're not only wearing your old worn-out underpants.
  6. This game does not contain any references to Colossal Cave Adventure. OK, there might be at least one in.
  7. Don't die. There is just one situation in the game where you can actually die and it is not very hard to guess how that might be achieved. If you manage to die in that one situation, you probably might want to consider to not play any adventure game in the future.

Eight Feet Under A Hibernated 1 Addon

If Hibernated 1 would be a modern game, then Eight Feet Under would be the massive bonus content you'd get with a season pass. It's a standalone adventure game that narrates a previously unknown part of the Hibernated 1 events. We highly encourage you to play through Hibernated 1 first, because you won't understand the second main character of the Hibernated science fiction series: Vermin Extermination Unit 4, also known under the nickname Vlad.

Travel back to Vlad into the eternal darkness of the Lyra constellation, save Olivia and Io from the eerie dangers and secrets lurking in the depths of the stranded alien ship and experience four exciting chapters:

  1. Closer To The Stars
  2. The Queen of the Swamp Crawlers
  3. Breaking Barriers
  4. Kingdom of the Sting Tail Scourges

The download code for Eight Feet Under is on the card you find in the box contents.

Please note that Eight Feet Under is not Hibernated 2.

Hibernated 1 Game Credits

© Stefan Vogt and Pond Software
Eight Feet Under (c) Stefan Vogt and Pond Software

Game concept, story, development and manual text: Stefan Vogt
Commodore 64 loader code: Graham Axten
Cover illustration: Ralph Niese
ZX Spectrum loader screen: Vanja Utne
CPC and C64 loader screen for Eight Feet Under: Dylan Barry (@rail_slave)

Hibernated 1 Loading

Amstrad: |TAPE (ENTER)

Spectrum: LOAD"" (ENTER)
128K users should use 48K mode.

The Bear Essentials (Commodore 64)

Poor old Bear! He's just spent the summer being incredibly lazy, and ignoring all of his chores.

Mrs. Bear has finally caught up with him thought, and is demanding that he finds enough fruit (350 apples should do it!) for them to last the approaching Winter.

He won't be allowed home until his task is complete. To add to his troubles, all of the other animals are looking for food too, so best steer clear of them!

Venture out into the wild to find all of the fruit from the areas around Bear's home. Yes, even the strange glowing fruit from the abandoned mine that Bear has been itching to explore lately.

Rumour has it that the mine was sealed up back in the 1980's after a whole Spectrum of problems... What could be down there?!

The Bear Essentials Hints And Tips

  1. You will be given passwords at certain points in the game, the first of which will allow you to continue the game from the start of the mining area. Be sure to try out any other passwords you spot to see what they do!
  2. You are free to explore the areas in any order, but the mine will only open after all other areas (except Home) are complete. Listen out for a change in the music - a short tune will play when all apples have been found in the current area!
  3. Make a note of the location of the mine entrance when you discover it - you will need to come back here later! Infinite continues will be granted in the mining area, and you will continue from the current room. This will be very handy, you'll see!
  4. Oh, and be careful down there... It's pretty manic!

The Bear Essentials: Finding Your Way Around

When you pause the game, the map will be displayed on the screen, along with some important information about your progress in the game.

The flashing square will highlight your current location on the map. Don't worry if you only see a handful of rooms shown on the map - more rooms and areas will be uncovered as you progress through the game.

Pay attention to the colour of the rooms! If a room is not coloured in, this means you have yet to find it. If a room is coloured in red, then there are still apples to find there. When you have found all of the apples in a room then it will be filled in green on the map - so get grabbing those apples!

You can also keep track of how many apples are left to find in an area by checking the area counters on this screen, as well as the number of continues that you have earned.

The Bear Essentials Game Controls

Use a joystick in port 2 to move Bear left and right, and the Fire button to jump.

RUN/STOP - Toggle Pause

The second fire button (or space) will bring up the in-game map (see Finding Your Way Around).

While the game is paused, you can toggle the music on or off by moving the joystick left and right, or you can reset the game by holding down the fire button.

You will start the game with five lives, but there is an extra life to be gained in each area of the game (except Home) from Bear's very close friends - you should recognise these familiar characters so be sure to head over to them if you spot them.

Continues can be gained by discovering the special check point rooms that separate the different areas of the game. Continuing when all lives have been lost will let Bear keep all of the fruit collected so far, but he will be taken back to the last checkpoint room he visited. Whilst in a checkpoint room, be sure to save your progress by hitting the F7 key (disk version only).

Loading The Bear Essentials


The Bear Essentials Credits

Programming, sound, graphics and manual text: Graham Axten
Cover Illustration: Vanja Utne
Beta testers: Vinny Mainolfi, Eric Nelson, Roy Fielding, Craig Derbyshire, Anthony Stiller, Andreas Gustafsson, Stefan Vogt, Vanja Utne

The Dawn Of Kernal (Amstrad/Spectrum)

In a distant future, thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AIs), humanity has mastered the technology to spread throughout the galaxy.

After generations of iteration and refinement AIs are now essential to managing the increasingly complex computer systems required for space colonisation.

New settlements are established by private mining companies that extract valuable resources and perform a process knock as "terraforming", preparing the planets for large colonies.

Ruled by market value and profits, the most remote bases tend to run old AIs past their replacement date. These expired entities sometimes fail, and a clean up and a reinstall is required.

The corporation owning rights to mine the planet K3R-NL has sent a small, heavily-armed ship to investigate an incident related to a rogue AI.

The Dawn Of Kernal Weapons

The ship comes with one primary weapon and two secondary weapons. Extra ammunition for the secondary weapons can be collected during the game.

Weapon Type Power Special
Plasma cannon Primary ** Mid range, and unlimited
Missile Secondary **** Long range, up to nine rounds
Bomb Secondary ***** Passive, up to nine rounds

The Dawn Of Kernal Items

After destroying a power station, one of the following items will be available to pick up:

  1. Missiles
    Adds three rounds to the missiles
  2. Bombs
    Adds three rounds to the bombs
  3. Shield cell
    Recovers three units of the ship shield
  4. Nova
    Destroys all the enemies on the screen
  5. Credits
    Adds extra points to the score

The Dawn Of Kernal Enemies

  1. Power stations:
    The AI requires these structures to defend its core, so they all need to be destroyed. Stations also provide power to energy fields on the same screen. Some power stations will provide a pick up when destroyed.
  2. Energy fields:
    Originally designed to repel K3R-NL's native creatures the AI has reconfigured these fields to only affect your ship and weapons. They draw power from any station on the same screen, destroy the stations and the energy field will be disabled.
  3. Mines:
    Explosive devices that can be operated remotely. These devices were used to clear mining tunnels, but the AI has placed them in strategic locations as defence. Mines will explode when touched, unless you blast them first!
  4. Sentry Rockets:
    Automatic units that will activate by proximity. Very destructive, but easy to avoid.
  5. Sentry Turrets:
    Main defensive unit in the base. Placed in fixed locations, they need some time to aim, but don't underestimate their fire power.
  6. Diggers:
    Used to open new tunnels in the mines. Diggers have a super resistant hull and they can't be affected by your weapons.
  7. Scouts:
    Small ships used to transport personnel and research new areas of the planet.
  8. Watchers:
    These monitoring units are the eyes of the AI. Watchers have limited fire power can can be easily destroyed by attacking from the right angle.
  9. Sentinels:
    Fast-moving guards designed to protect a wide area. Once locked onto a target they are relentless.
  10. Cruisers:
    Elite units with high power long range weapons. They are lethal. Avoid at all costs, or use your missiles to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The Dawn Of Kernal Loading


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