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Home Computing Weekly #96 (1985) (Generic, Magazine) Europe (EU)
Publisher: Home Computing Weekly
Home Computing Weekend | Home Computing Weekly | Home Data Corp

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Acorn Electron, Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 16K, Spectrum 128K, Spectrum Plus, Spectrum +2, Spectrum +3, Generic

Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order (Magazine Articles | Magazine Scans)

Compatible Emulators: Elkulator 1.0 (PC (Windows))
ZXSpin (PC (Windows))
Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))

Magazine Contents

Section Title Pages
Reviews Boilerhouse (Front Runner) 13
Reviews Breakdance (Ashbrook Hse) 13
Reviews Ghostbusters (Activision) 13, 34
Reviews Henry's House (English) 13
Reviews Styx (No Man's Land) 13
Reviews All Or Nothing (Abbex) 20
Reviews Cannonball Chess (Stainless) 20
Reviews Henri (Visions) 20
Reviews Terra Force (Firebird) 20
Reviews The Wild Bunch (Firebird) 20
Reviews Alice In Videoland (Audiogenic) 31
Reviews Billy Ball To The Rescue (Stainless) 31
Reviews Frenzy (Micro Power) 31
Reviews Menace (Firebird) 31
Reviews PC Fuzz (Anirog) 31
Reviews David's Midnight Magic (Ariolasoft) 34
Reviews Erbert (Microbyte) 34
Reviews Quinx (Supersoft) 34
Reviews Scuba Attack (Century) 34
Reviews Booty (Firebird) 36
Reviews Chopper (Severn) 36
Reviews Roboactive (Absolute) 36
Reviews Run Baby Run (Firebird) 36
Reviews Super Scramble (Mushroom) 36
Reviews Funhouse (Pacific) 42
Reviews Se-Kaa Of Assiah (Mastervision) 42
Reviews Spider-Man (Adventure International) 42
Reviews The Secret Of Arendarvon Castle (Addison-Wesley) 42
Reviews Volcanic Dungeon (Mastervision) 42
Reviews Beamrider (Activision) 44
Reviews Exodus (Firebird) 44
Reviews Oil Panic/Jet Plane (Mark Jameson) 44
Reviews Space Wrek (CJ Software) 44
Reviews Viking Raiders (Firebird) 44

Magazine Information

Original Release Date: 22nd January 1985
Original Release Price: £0.35
Market Valuation: £1.00 (How Is This Calculated?)

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