Death Before Dishonour (ZX Vega) -

Death Before Dishonour (2015) (ZX Vega, Preloaded) Europe (EU)
Publisher: Alternative
Altered Vision | Alternative | Alto-Tech

Genre: Arcade: Shoot-em-up

Machine Compatibility: ZX Vega

Release: Professionally released built-in in to the ZX Vega

Available For:
Spectrum 48K & ZX Vega

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 24th Aug 2015
Market Valuation: £0.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Not a physical item so no box
Author(s): C. Yau  

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You have been chosen as the best of the best. Your mission is to escort a replacement power unit to your outpost on Gamma Hydra 6.

The unit is fitted with its own drive unit, so all you must do is protect it from the many hostile forces you will encounter on your way. The power unit is also equipped with a shield generator to protect it, but this will only withstand 100 hits from anything before the shield collapses and the unit is destroyed along with yourself.

That is your Brief. May luck go with you and remember the company motto... Death before dishonour.

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