Crash #89 (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3) -
Crash #89 (1991) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3, Magazine) Europe (EU)
Publisher: Crash
CrapTeam | Crash | Crash Micro

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K, Spectrum +2, Spectrum +3

Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order (Magazine Articles | Magazine Scans)

Compatible Emulators: ZXSpin (PC (Windows))
Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))

Magazine Contents

Section Title Pages
Reviews 4 Most Packs (Alternative) 31
Reviews Fists Of Fury (Edition 2) (Virgin) 31
Reviews System 3 Pack (US Gold) 31
Reviews Coin-Op Hits II (US Gold) 33
Reviews It's TV Showtime (Domark) 33
Reviews Power Up (Ocean) 33, 35
Reviews Quattro Packs (Codemasters) 33, 35
Reviews The Dizzy Collection (Codemasters) 33
Reviews The Winning Team (Domark) 33
Reviews Challengers (Ubisoft) 33, 35
Reviews Mercs (US Gold) 39
Reviews R.B.I. Baseball 2 (Tengen/Domark) 40, 41
Reviews Quick Draw McGraw (Hi-Tec) 41
Reviews Shadow Dancer (US Gold) 40, 41
Reviews Lop Ears (Players) 42
Reviews Los Angeles Police Department (Players) 42
Reviews Tornado ECR (Codemasters) 42
Reviews Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (Enigma Variations) 44
Reviews Klax (Enigma Variations) 44
Reviews Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium (Zeppelin Games) 45
Reviews The Famous Five (Enigma Variations) 45
Reviews Arkanoid: Revenge Of Doh (The Hit Squad) 47
Reviews Frost Byte (Micro Value) 47
Reviews Mercenary: Escape From Targ (Novagen) 47
Reviews International Rugby (Micro Value) 49
Reviews The Hunt For Red October: Movie (Grandslam) 49

Magazine Information

Original Release Date: 1st Jun 1991
Original Release Price: £2.99
Market Valuation: £3.00 (How Is This Calculated?)

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