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#CPCRetroDev2017 (2020) (Amstrad CPC464/664, Cassette)
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Publisher: Matra

Contents: 4676 Invasion (Invasion), Agent 006 (APL Soft), Baba's Palace (Azicuetano McKlain), Balls (Balls), Basket Cases (CNGSoft), Bitume (Arnaud Bouche), Brutal Fighters (Moose Ninja), Color Flood (Cpcitor), Cris Odd Prelude (Dreamin' Bits), Dethroned (Royal Researchers), Earth Defender (Tojo), Eiros Bridge (Wasted Horchata), Fitzroy And The Missing Chair (Awergh), Laser Boy (Carlos Sevila), Moonman (Bites The Dust), My Galaxy (Aymy), Nightmare Fortress (Petaflopis), Phantis Legacy (CPC Power), Piti (Socket War), Pixel Brawl (Space Troopers), Pl-Man Survival (Uninstall Studio), Profanation 2: Escape From Abu Simbel (4mhz), Proton Smoke (Proton Smoke), Raimbo (ToBee), Rolla Blaze (Grupo 3), Temple Escape (Temple Scape), Tunnel Effect (0xDEF), UFO (Bit Beam) and Xcape (Compu Team)

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Amstrad CPC464, Amstrad CPC664

Release: Professionally released On Cassette (Side 1

| Side 2)

Compatible Emulators: WinApe 2.0b2 (PC (Windows))

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 23rd March 2020
Original Release Price: £10.00
Market Valuation: £2.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Cassette Single Plastic Black

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Baba's Palace (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 103 Screenshots)

Basket Cases (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 20 Screenshots)

Cris Odd Prelude (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 19 Screenshots)

Bitume (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 19 Screenshots)

Laser Boy (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 15 Screenshots)

Raimbo (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Phantis Legacy (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 15 Screenshots)

Nightmare Fortress (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 11 Screenshots)

Proton Smoke (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 14 Screenshots)

Agent 006 (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 12 Screenshots)

Balls (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 9 Screenshots)

4676 Invasion (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 11 Screenshots)

Earth Defender (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 18 Screenshots)

Brutal Fighters (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Fitzroy And The Missing Chair (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 11 Screenshots)

Rolla Blaze (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Pixel Brawl (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Tunnel Effect (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 9 Screenshots)

Moonman (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Xcape (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 9 Screenshots)

Piti (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 12 Screenshots)

UFO (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 5 Screenshots)

Dethroned (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 6 Screenshots)

My Galaxy (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Color Flood (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 12 Screenshots)

Temple Escape (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 4 Screenshots)

Pl-Man Survival (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 10 Screenshots)

Eiros Bridge (Amstrad CPC464/664 Version, 9 Screenshots)

Profanation 2: Escape From Abu Simbel (Amstrad CPC464 Version, 16 Screenshots)

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