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4 Most Cute (1991) (Commodore 64/128, Cassette) United Kingdom
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Publisher: Alternative
Altered Vision | Alternative | Alto-Tech

Contents: Danger Mouse In Double Trouble (Creative Sparks), Howard The Duck (Activision), Punch And Judy (Alternative) and Star Paws (Software Projects)

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Commodore 64, Commodore 128

Release: Professionally released On Cassette (Side 1


Compatible Emulators: WinVICE 2.4 x64 (PC (Windows))

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Original Release Date: 4th Jan 1991
Original Release Price: £4.99
Market Valuation: £3.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 64g
Box Type: Cassette Single Plastic Clear

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Star Paws (Commodore 64 Version, 15 Screenshots)

Danger Mouse In Double Trouble (Commodore 64/128 Version, 5 Screenshots)

Punch And Judy (Commodore 64 Version, 3 Screenshots)

Howard The Duck (Commodore 64/128 Version, 8 Screenshots)

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Danger Mouse In Double Trouble | Episode 1: Flight To The Jungle | Episode 2: Through The Jungle | Episode 3: At The Android Mouse Base | Danger Mouse Game Controls | Howard The Duck | Howard: Island Fever | Howard: Inside The Volcano | Howard Game Controls | Punch And Judy | Punch And Judy Game Controls | Star Paws | Star Paws Instructions | Star Paws Game Controls

Danger Mouse In Double Trouble

While relaxing in his Mayfair penthouse flat, Danger Mouse receives a phone call from Colonel K, head of security. News has just arrived about Greenback's latest scheme. Greenback and his henchmen are in the process of building an android Danger Mouse.

Episode 1: Flight To The Jungle

Along with Penfold, DM must take off in the direction of Crocodilia in his aerocar. This may sound simple, but Greenback has released a number of robots to catch DM's car and stop it reaching the jungle.

The only way DM can repel these robots is to play a tune from his jukebox.

DM's aerocar is shown on the left of the display and the robots on the right. DM's aerocar can be controlled using the joystick.

The bottom right of the screen shows the view from DM's aerocar and the bottom left of the screen displays the distance to the jungle and a picture of the robot it will repel. Select the robot (on the easy level this is done automatically to begin with) which is directly in front of you and when the repeller display matches the robot the repellent tune will be achieved.

At the beginning the repellent will operate automatically but as you progress you will have to select the robot type yourself.

Watch out for Agent 57 (coloured magenta) as he carries a bonus if you collide with him at the last possible second.

The centre of the screen shows a tug-of-war between Greenback and DM and the set of numbers at the sides of the display are skill levels which the Baron and DM are going for.

On reaching the jungle, you will be rewarded a bonus.

Episode 2: Through The Jungle

DM and Penfold must now take to foot, through the forest. Using the joystick, you must control DM over swamps by using the crocodiles as stepping stones. Greenback has also filled the jungle with mouse-eating pumas. To avoid these DM climbs trees, avoiding snakes and monkeys, however swinging monkeys will lift DM on their branches.

In an easy game as time runs out, DM can jump the pumas and wait for them to carry him into episode three.

Episode 3: At The Android Mouse Base

As DM reaches the base he must find the Android Control Box. To reach the row of four switches, DM must hop on his index finger (using fire to jump). A chain of green lights moves around a 4 x 4 grid in a fixed pattern. When DM presses a button, if the light in line with the button Greenback is pressing is on yellow then the length of the chain of green lights is reduced by one. The android is disabled when all the green lights have been extinguished.

Danger Mouse Game Controls

1 - Left, 2 - Right, 9 - Up, I - Down, 0 - Fire

When the game has loaded, use the keys 1 to 5 to select the type of joystick or keyboard control.

The program is compatible with Interface 1, Kempston, Fuller, AGF and Protek joystick interfaces. When selecting level, 0 is easy, and for a hard game press 9. Whilst playing, pressing the following keys will allow you to:

CAPS & BREAK - Return to title page
CAPS & S - Sound on
CAPS & Z - Sound off
CAPS & M - Pause
CAPS & N - Continue

Then press Fire to start the game. You can return to the start screen during the game by pressing Restore.

Howard The Duck

It's all starting to make sense... Your best friend's gone to Volcano Island... The Dark Overlord! That's it! The Dark Overlord has kidnapped Beverly and Phil and brought them to this volcanic island. 'Cause he's hooked on thermal energy he needs to tap into it constantly to maintain his power.

You know that he knows you're the only one who can foil his plans to take over the Earth. But he thinks he can turn you into duck soup - to make the world his oyster. What he doesn't know is that you're a Quack Fu Master, an avid ultralight flyer, and a whizz with a Neutron Disintegrator.

So take him up on his challenge. And show The Dark Overlord that his treacherous plan isn't all it's quacked up to be.

Howard: Island Fever

Negotiating Mutant Slime: To jump over the mutant slime, Howard needs a running start of three to five steps. So scamper towards the mutant slime to get up some speed, then press the joystick button when you reach the edge of it.

Snatch That Backpack:
The backpack contains:

  1. a solar-powered jet pack
  2. the Ultralight flyer
  3. a portable Neutron Disintegrator

Crossing The Channel:
With your solar-powered jet pack, you can cross the channel to the other sections of the island. To use the jet pack, when you get to the bank of the channel, press and release the joystick button repeatedly to open up the throttle on the jet pack. If you press too fast, you'll kill the throttle; too slowly and you'll lose thrust.

Mutilating The Mutants:
The best way to deal with the mutants is with the old Quack-Fu techniques. You know - punching, kicking and the like.

To kick, hold the joystick button down, then move the joystick in the direction you want to kick.

Stomping On Mounds:
To stomp on a mound, position Howard on top of the mound, then press the joystick button.

Cross The Bridge:
Although it looks easy enough to cross, don't get too quacky. There are rock-throwing mutants on the other side. They happen to have very accurate aim, and they won't stop throwing rocks until you're completely across the bridge. To dodge the rocks, try to stay to the far right or left side of the bridge.

If you're playing Advanced or Expert, you'll be given an Ultralight flyer and you must try to make it to the top of the volcano.

Flying The Ultralight:
Pull back on the joystick to climb, push it forward to dive, and right and left to bank and turn.

Howard: Inside The Volcano

Stalactites And Holes:
You must dodge the falling stalactites. To manoeuvre between the holes, keep Howard's left foot on the ledge.

Energy Bolts:
To avoid energy bolts, move Howard up or down, depending on the position of the energy bolt. Once you get all the way to the right side of the volanic cavern, you'll be in a perfect position to put the Dark Overlord out of commission. Face Howard directly to the right, pull out the old Neutron Disintegrator and fire. To fire at the Dark Overlord, simultaneously press the joystick button and move the joystick to the right. After each shot the Dark Overlord will change colour. And after the third shot, he'll disappear.

To shut down the volcano, walk Howard underneath the lever and, by pressing the joystick button, have Howard jump up and pull down on the lever.

Howard Game Controls

Joystick only in Port 2.
f7 - Pause/Restart

Punch And Judy

Punch And Judy is based on the popular traditional seaside show in which you take the role of Mr. Punch. Your task involves constructing the show booth, finding the rest of the cast and finally taking part in the show itself. (A thrill a minute task!)

Easy eh? Not so, because the eight parts needed to build the booths are scattered around the town and must be found and taken one by one to the beach. However, certain pieces are too large to be carried through narrow doorways and the tide is slowly coming in. (Oh no, behind you, behind you!)

Once the booth has been built, you must scour the town for the other cast members, hit them (that's the way to do it!) and lead them to the beach. Unfortunately Punch's progress may be hindered by the presence of a snap-happy crocodile or a patrolling policeman ('ello, 'ello, 'ello). If you are bitten by the crocodile the tide will come in further. If on the other hand you are arrested, you will be taken to the police station and any object or person you have with you will be taken elsewhere. There are ways of avoiding these hazards! Can you find them?

When the booth and cast are assembled at the beach, the show will commence... (That's the way to do it!)...

Punch And Judy Game Controls

Joystick in port 1
F1 - Hold and restart, F5 - Abort

Left & Right: Move Punch left and right
Up & Down: Move Punch in and out
Up & Fire: Jump
Down & Fire: Drop a sausage
Fire: Hit

Star Paws

Out in the farthest reaches of our Galaxy there lives a rare creature known as the Tasty Space Griffin. Long ago this bird was acclaimed as a galactic delicacy, and acquired such value that it came to be used as an extremely valuable unit of intergalactic currency, traded on the stock markets of the universe.

On the moon of a distant planet, a gang of unscrupulous mercenaries have been secretly breeding the Tasty Space Griffin and plan to flood the market with them, thus destabilising the monetary system of the entire universe, and allowing them to seize power.

Starfleet command intended to send Captain Neil Armstrong to destroy this evil plot, but due to an error on the notoriously unreliable series seven astro-telex, our hero, Captain Rover Pawstrong has been sent instead. Vastly inexperienced and totally unsuited for the task, Captain Pawstrong's mission is to capture or destroy every one of the Tasty Space Griffins.

You control his movement as he scours the planet, above and below ground, aided only by the occasional visit of a scout craft, dropping off essential supplies...

*The future of all life depends upon your success...*

Star Paws Instructions

On the surface: To collect an item, stop Captain Pawstrong alongside a box and press the fire button. Once collected, each of these items can be used to aid your mission.

To select an item, stop Captain Pawstrong, pull the joystick down until the desired item is displayed. Press Fire and this item will become the current item. Each item an item is selected, the last item used is lost, and will need to be collected again. Should you decide not to use any item push forward on the joystick to regain control of Rover.

Anti Gravity Pad: Gives extra speed, and the ability to pass over the recoil bubbles.

Rocket: Use to gain a height advantage, and dive on the griffin.

Missile Launcher: Use this deadly weapon to destroy a bird.

Space Explosive: Face towards the oncoming bird and explode the device, when the bird is in range.

Matter Transporter: Transports Rover to his laser gun.

Galactic Burger: Delicious space nourishment for hungry heroes.

Zap Death Ray Gun: Deadly ray gun, brings instant death to all in its path.

Mining Lamp: Needed down the subterranean caverns.

Bonus Puzzle: Gain extra points by selecting this item.

Down the Mine: Find the map to trace your route. Collect missiles for your laser gun. Keep your light supply up by collecting the lamps.

Operating the Lifts: Press fire and push forward for up, back for down.

Using the Lazer Gun: To kill the birds, the trajectory must be exactly right. Push forward to lower the trajectory, pull back to raise it. Beware!! The mercenaries occasionally attach a rebound shield to the birds in order to thwart your efforts to spoil their plans.

Bonus Screen: When fire is pressed the square pointed to will be swapped with the blank square. Complete the puzzle before the bonus score reaches zero.

On the Surface: On the surface each item may be used to a maximum of three times, unless it has been used to kill a bird, in which case it cannot be used again. You cannot pick up a box containing an item which has been used up.

Star Paws Game Controls

Joystick in port 2
F1 - Restart, F7 - Pause

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