Three Weeks In Paradise

The Weeks are on holiday and Wilma and Herbert have been kidnapped. Wally Week must solve the puzzles to save them in this flick-screen graphic adventure.

Publisher: Mikro-Gen
Genre: Arcade: Adventure

Tagged With: platform, jungle, wally week

Available For: Amstrad CPC464, Commodore 64, Spectrum 48K/128K & ZX Vega

Commodore 64 

First Released: 26th Jun 1984

Language(s): English

Items: Three Weeks In Paradise (Mikro-Gen, Cassette)

ZX Vega 

First Released: 24th Aug 2015

Author(s): Neil Strudwick, David Perry & Nick Jones

Language(s): English

Items: Three Weeks in Paradise (Mikro-Gen, Preloaded)