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An arcade adventure where you play a spy and must infiltrate an embassy, collect up secrets and escape again to write your memoirs.

Publisher: Superior/Acornsoft
Genre: Arcade Adventure

Tagged With: flick-screen, graphic adventure, platform, espionage

Available For:Acorn Electron, Atari 400/800, BBC B/B+/Master 128 & BBC Master Compact

Acorn Electron 

First Released: 1st Jul 1988

Author(s): Dylan

Language(s): English

Items: Spycat (Superior/Acornsoft, Cassette), Spycat (Superior/Blue Ribbon, Cassette), Play It Again Sam 9 (Superior/Acornsoft, Cassette), Spycat (Superior/Acornsoft, Cassette)

Atari 400/800 

First Released: 25th Jun 1984

Language(s): English

Items: Spycat (Fandal, Cassette)

BBC Master Compact 

First Released: 3rd Jul 1984

Language(s): English

Items: Play It Again Sam 9 (Superior/Acornsoft, 3.5" Disc)