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Is this the right version of Shinobi? Some machines received different versions with the same name.


Publishers: Virgin Games, Sega, Tengen, Asmik
Genre: Arcade Game: Beat-em-up/Gang

Tagged With: beat-'em-up, platform, scrolling, ninja, sideways, arcade, mythological, progressive

Available For: Amiga 500, Amstrad CPC464, Commodore 64/128, Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS, PC Engine (JP Version), PlayStation 2, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System & Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Amiga 500 

First Released: 9th Aug 1988

Author(s): Tony Williams, Paul Dunning, Tim Cannell & Andrew Northcott

Language(s): English

Items: Shinobi (Virgin Games, 3.5" Disc), Shinobi (16 Blitz, 3.5" Disc)


First Released: 9th Apr 1989

Language(s): Japanese

Items: Shinobi (Tengen, ROM Cart)

Nintendo 3DS 

First Released: 11th Nov 2011

Language(s): English

Items: Shinobi (Sega, Nintendo 3DS Game Card)

PC Engine (JP Version) 

First Released: 27th Nov 1989

Language(s): English

Items: Shinobi (Asmik, Hu Card)

PlayStation 2 

First Released: 10th Nov 2002

Language(s): English

Items: Shinobi (Sega, Dvd)

Sega Game Gear 

First Released: 9th Aug 1991

Language(s): English

Items: Shinobi (Sega, ROM Cart)

Sega Master System 

First Released: 20th Sep 1988

Language(s): English

Items: Shinobi (Sega, ROM Cart), Shinobi (Sega/Tec Toy, ROM Cart), Shinobi (Sega, ROM Cart)

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