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Not so much a beat-'em-up as a breast-'em-up, in this rather tongue-in-cheek game you play liberated Eighties glamour model/singer Sabrina. You'll have someone's eye out with those.

Publishers: Iber Software, Iber Soft
Genre: Arcade; Beat-'Em-Up

Tagged With: beat-'em-up, crap, pop, breasts

Available For: Amstrad CPC464 & Spectrum 48K

Amstrad CPC464 

First Released: 1st Feb 1984

Language(s): English

Items: Sabrina (Iber Software, Cassette), Sabrina (Iber Software, 3" Disc)

Spectrum 48K 

First Released: 22nd Mar 1984

Author(s): Miguel Angel Borreguero Quesada, Alfonso Gustavo Chico & Andres Manuel Garcia

Language(s): Spanish

Items: Sabrina (Iber Software, Cassette), Sabrina (IBSA, Cassette)