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Magic Mushrooms

A ladders and levels game with nine screens and an in-built screen designer allowing you to design additional ones.

Publisher: Acornsoft
Genre: Platform Game

Tagged With: ladders and levels, platform, screen designer

Available For:Acorn Electron, BBC Model B & PC 128S

Acorn Electron 

First Released: 1st Aug 1985

Author(s): Neil Raine, Tim Dobson & Richard Clay

Language(s): English

Items: Magic Mushrooms (Acornsoft, Cassette), Pres Games Disc 4 (ACP/Pres, 3.5" Disc), The Acornsoft Hits 1 (Superior/Acornsoft, Cassette)

PC 128S 

First Released: 1st Jan 1985

Language(s): English

Items: Magic Mushrooms (Olivetti Prodest, 3.5" Disc)