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High Noon

A Wild West themed shoot-'em-up in which you must try to clear the town of outlaws by running around an arena shooting them (and hiding in Saucy Sue's saloon if the going gets too tough).

Publisher: Ocean
Genre: Arcade; Arena-based Shoot-'Em-Up

Tagged With: cowboy, shoot-'em-up, wild west, arena, sheriff

Available For:Commodore 64 & Spectrum 48K

Commodore 64 

First Released: 27th Oct 1984

Language(s): English

Items: High Noon (Ocean, Cassette)

Spectrum 48K 

First Released: 30th Nov 1982

Author(s): D.E. Tsang

Language(s): English

Items: High Noon (Stack Computer Services, Cassette), Stack Light Rifle (Stack Computer Services, Cassette)