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Is this the right version of Gunship? Some machines received different versions with the same name.


Publishers: U. S. Gold, Microprose
Genre: Game: Flight Simulator

Tagged With: flight simulator, helicopter, flight, simulation, amstrad 464, c64, spectrum 48k, c128, spectrum 128k, atari st, spectrum +2, megadrive (eu), ps1 (eu), ps1 (usa), amstrad 664, ps1 (japan), pc-88

Available For: Amstrad CPC464, Atari ST, Commodore 64/128, PC-88, PlayStation, Sega Mega Drive (EU Version) & Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Atari ST 

First Released: 24th Dec 1986

Language(s): English

Items: Gunship (Microprose, 3.5" Disc), Action 5 (Ubisoft, 3.5" Disc), Gunship (Microprose, 3.5" Disc), Gunship (Microprose, 3.5" Disc), Gunship (Kixx Xl, 3.5" Disc)

Commodore 64/128 

First Released: 1st Apr 1987

Language(s): English

Items: Gunship (Microprose, 5.25" Disc), Gunship (Microprose, Cassette), Gunship (Kixx, Cassette)


First Released: 13th Jul 1990

Language(s): Japanese

Items: Gunship (Microprose, 5.25" Disc)


First Released: 3rd Jul 1996

Language(s): English

Items: Gunship (Microprose, Cd), Gunship (Microprose, Cd)

Sega Mega Drive (EU Version) 

First Released: 1st Mar 1994

Language(s): English

Items: Gunship (U. S. Gold, ROM Cart)