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Is this the right version of Another World? Some machines received different versions with the same name.

Another World

A very atmospheric vector-rendered adventure. Guide the hero safely out of Another World, by solving puzzles and shooting meanies.

Publishers: Virgin Games, U. S. Gold, Microids, The Digital Lounge, Limited Run Games

Tagged With: alien planet, bizarre, alien, vectors, polygon

Available For: Amiga 500, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive (EU Version) & Xbox One

Amiga 500 

First Released: 5th Jun 1984

Language(s): English

Items: Another World (U. S. Gold, 3.5" Disc)

Nintendo Switch 

First Released: 30th Nov -0001

Language(s): English

Items: Another World/Flashback Double Pack (Microids, Nintendo Switch Game Card)

PlayStation 4 

First Released: 28th Sep 2018

Language(s): English

Items: Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (Limited Run Games, Blu-Ray), Another World/Flashback Double Pack (Microids, Blu-Ray)

Sega Genesis 

First Released: 2nd Aug 1984

Language(s): English

Items: Out Of This World (Virgin Games, ROM Cart)

Sega Mega Drive (EU Version) 

First Released: 1st Jan 1993

Language(s): English

Items: Another World (Virgin Games, ROM Cart), Telstar Double Value Games: Another World / Speedball 2 (Telstar, ROM Cart)

Xbox One 

First Released: 25th Jun 2014

Language(s): English

Items: Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (The Digital Lounge, Blu-Ray)

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