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Zone Warrior
By Electronic Arts
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #7

Zone Warrior

It's spooky, isn't it, how every alien lifeform that comes into contact with the Earth decides to attack it? Things are a bit more complicated this time be cause the Geeks (the latest galactic empire to try their chances against you) have decided to sabotage human history by sending a Geek Commander to various important points in it, with the aim of eliminating the events that shaped us into the successful, peaceful and generally agreeable bunch that we are. So already we've got our 'levels' set out for us - five in all: Prehistoric, Egyptian, Medieval, Japanese and Future. On each one you've got to rescue some hostages, kill the Geek Commander and his chums, collect keys and pick up add-ons.

All this slots into the inevitable bloke-walking-around-shooting-things framework, with a few refinements here and there. The bloke in question is fairly versatile - not only can he walk around and shoot things, but he can also crawl through tunnels and hang from the ceiling.

Uninspired by all this, but aware of my responsibilities as a reviewer, I dutifully played the thing through a few times and came to the following conclusions:

  1. The graphics are okay, but not brilliant.
  2. The sound effects and music are okay, but not brilliant.
  3. It plays okay, but not brilliantly.
  4. The ceiling could do with a new coat of paint.

There's nothing actually wrong with the game as such. It's just not particularly enthralling. 'Inconsequential' - that's the word. Under different circumstances - lower price, lesser computer, five years earlier - it might have made a slightly more audible splash, but I can't honestly recommend spending money on it. Not until it comes out on budget anyway.

The Bottom Line

An imaginative plot, an unimaginative design and some unimaginative programming. Even its creators must have been left with an empty feeling.

Jonathan Davies

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