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Amstrad Computer User

By Kixx
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #86


Here comes yet another awesome shootie, hot off the shelves to keep you well and truly warmed up over Christmas. Guaranteed to get your trigger finger itching and an absolute must for serious blasters.

Coming from the depths of Alpha Centauri, the alien beasties are now entrenched in the depths of our own oceans, killing off everything that comes within the vicinity.

Roll up project Deep Star, the ultimate in sub-aqua weaponry, specially designed to take on the might of the alien power on the bottom of the sea. Think you can cope with all of this excitement?

You'd better, because you are the last hope. Over 160 screens of furious shooting action lie ahead of you as you set out, teeming with some of the toughest aliens you've ever seen.

There are eight levels in all, along with the chance to come up against forty different types of mutant scum. Relish this one boys and girls, they don't come much better!

Using some spectacular graphics techniques, look out for up to 50 objects on screen at any one time. If you can keep your concentration through that lot, you're doing fine. As you progress, keep your eyes peeled for the different hostile environments of fire and lava, and remember to scout for the extra weapons first and foremost. You'll need them all!

As a horizontal scroller, you really can't beat X-Out in the action stakes. The sound effects are superb and the gameplay is guaranteed to glue you to your seat for many an hour.

Keep improving your ship as you progress and enjoy what really is a corker of a game.

Jim Johnson

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