Commodore User

World Series Baseball

Author: Ken McMahon
Publisher: Imagine
Machine: Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #30

World Series Baseball

As a C16 owner myself, I know how annoying it can be to see games compared with their C64 equivalents and, inevitably found lacking.

I wouldn't be doing it now, were it not for the fact that this version compares well in virtually every respect with its C64 predecessor.

Assuming you have two joysticks and at least one friend you can play against each other. If you lack the necessary hardware or company, you can play the cmputer - a formidable adversary. I chose the second option and found myself batting at the crease, or home plate I should say.

World Series Baseball

You get an eagle's eye-view of the proceedings from a point just behind the backstop. Whilst this gives you an excellent view of the whole playing area, it's not very good for close-up action.

For example, when you need to judge exactly when to hit the ball, you watch the giant video screen at the back of the stadium.

The normal rules of baseball apply. You get three chances to smack it one and make it to first base, or further if you can.

World Series Baseball

I found batting the most difficult operation of all. The direction of the ball seems to be controlled purely by timing rather than joystick direction. Nine times out of ten I was caught (by the same fielder) and if that didn't happen I just hit it straight back into the hands of the pitcher. Obviously more practice required there.

Once I had mastered it to some degree hitting a home run gave me as much pleasure as it much have Babe Ruth.

Fielding was much easier to pick up. As pitcher you have the option of varying the height and speed of the delivery by joystick position.

World Series Baseball

You can try foxing them with a high, slow one, or give it to 'em fast and low with a left hand swerve. I only got hit out of the park once!

More usually, when the ball is hit, the nearest fielder is moved to it under joystick control, and automatically picks it up. Again using the joystick you can choose which base to return it to. If you move and think fast you might just run somebody out.

The innings is over when three men are out and a match consists of nine innings per side.

World Series Baseball is every bit as enjoyable as the C64 version. It's great fun playing the computer and I can imagine it would be even better against a real opponent.

If you don't already have one, I'd recommend you buy a second joystick at the same time!

Ken McMahon

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