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ST Format

World Championship Soccer
By Elite
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #21

World Championship Soccer

There are so many footy games at the moment that this game needs something special if you're going to favour it over all the other versions available. You view the game from above and you can see about a tenth of the pitch at any one time. You can normally see only the top of the players when they move around the pitch, but the rest of the body comes into view when they tackle or kick. Sprite movement is rapid and smooth, and this makes following the ball considerably easier.

There is a score box and radar off to one side of the pitch. The radar shows your men over a wider area of the pitch than is shown on the screen, and this makes it easier for you to make long distance kicks. Sound is functional at best.

You can choose from 24 international teams and then select the players who you want in your team. World Championship Soccer brings nothing new to the art of football simulation, but it's a competent game.