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Winter Olympics
By Tynesoft
Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Commodore User #31

Winter Olympics

At first sight this looks promising. A version of the brilliant and hugely successful Winter Games for the C16. But, as luck would have it Winter Olympics turns out to be hugely disappointing. Tynesoft seem to have a talent for producing naff games and this one is no exception.

Winter Olympics is actually six naff games in one package. If I was feeling charitable I might say that one of them, ski slalom, was at least half-decent, but it only looks good because it's in such diabolically bad company.

Let me take you through the events:

  1. Speed Skating
    You control the little skater in the top half of the screen, the C16 controls the one on the bottom. Wiggle the joystick back and forth to make him go faster. It's more a question of timing and co-ordination than sheer frantic wiggling. Despite that I managed to beat the computer on my second attempt. After that, the only option is to improve on your personal best.
  2. Ski Jump
    Some nice scenery here, but total lack of gameplay. Your man flies down the slope and you must press the fire button at precisely the right moment to launch him into the air. Pull back on the joystick to land, then press fire to straighten up or you'll end up on your backside. Takes about five minutes to master.
  3. Cresta Run
    You get a cross-section view of the run with the sledge hopefully in the middle and overhead view of the route so you know when the corners are coming up. Probably the most difficult game to complete. You must lean into the corners to avoid flying off the course. This event has potential, but is let down by boring screen display.
  4. Ski Slalom
    Guide your skier through the gates as in the real thing. If you miss a gate you're given a time penalty and if you hit one that's your lot. Speed up and slow down at crucial moments using joystick back/forwards. This was the only event that aroused my excitement at all. Although it doesn't take long to acquire enough skill to complete the course, the incentive is there to try and improve your time.
  5. Curling
    I just didn't understand what was going on here. What's more I got the feeling that if I had it wouldn't really have been any more interesting.
  6. Downhill
    The same as slalom, only with trees instead of gates. I felt conned.

The only good thing I can find to say about Winter Olympics is that it's not as bad as Mount Vesuvius. I've made a belated New Year resolution to avoid Tynesoft games and I'd advise you to steer well clear of this one.

Ken McMahon

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