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Wild Cup Soccer
By Kixx
Amiga CD32

Published in Amiga Power #48

Wild Cup Soccer

If you don't like the idea of Brutal Football because it's based around American Football, then Wild Cup Soccer could be the game for you.

On the other hand, all we've got here is the same game as Brutal Football, but about real football instead. It's got the same mindless (and really not very amusing) violence, the same slow and repetitive gameplay (just get the ball, and kick it up field a la late 80s Wimbledon) and some really bad and unconvincing animation just to round things off nicely.

Cam didn't like it very much when he reviewed it in issue 40, and even with the always welcome addition of a two-player mode, it still isn't very good.

The Bottom Line

Almost exactly the same game as the now discredited Brutal Football only about Soccer. And somehow worse in the playability stakes. Unbelievably.

Paul Mellerick

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