Atari User

By Red Rat
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #19


Two nations separated by sea are in conflict. One decides to attack, sending out warships and missiles against the other. You are the defender of the attacked nation. Flying a helicopter, you must seek out the enemy ships and destroy them before they zap you.

The view is from above with the land and sea stretching and scrolling over several screens. Your copter has some ammunition but to get more you must visit a factory on the far side of the island.

The ammunition is produced from raw materials gained from the wreckage of enemy ships. You destroy ships to get ammunition so you can go out and destroy more ships, and so on.


To gather the raw material you land your chopper on a sinking ship and ferry the wreckage to the factory.

The more debris you carry, the more fuel you use up. Further supplies of fuel can be obtained by landing on either of two fuel jumps, though they may be damaged by enemy fire.

Repairs to the dumps and your war-copter can be made by calling for aid from Repair Control which may in turn be damaged but can even repair itself. All very circular, isn't it?


Repairs are made at a speed commensurate with the amount of damage. If Repair Control is destroyed, the game is over.

The scrolling of the scenery as your copter flies around is efficiently done. Moving the joystick left or right rotates the copter while pushing forward sends it on its way. Pulling back launches a missile and hitting the button fires bullets.

A command bar at the top of the screen is activated by pressing the Select and Start keys. This bar lets you land, take off, display fuel and load carried, call the repair ship, drop debris and pick up ammo from the factory.

Graphics and sound are fairly simple and, although there are one or two new elements, the game is hardly original. Even so, it's a reasonable enough attempt.

Bob Chappell

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