Amiga Power

Wacky Darts

Author: Stuart Campbell
Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #3

Wacky Darts

There are two words in a game title that are guaranteed to strike terror into the heart of a reviewer. Those two words are 'Darts' and 'Wacky', so it looked like there could be a nightmare in store with this recent Codies release. Slightly worried, I took a good stiff drink (both for courage and to get into the spirit of the thing), then plunged in.

What I found was no more and no less than just another computer darts game with a wobbly-hand cursor control system, its main claim to fame being the pretty feeble humour that's been tacked onto it (your opponents are a selection of bizarre characters who throw things other than darts at the board - the Rambo-like character, for example, fires a bazooka at it) and an option for up to eight players at a time. Wow.

Actually, I'm not being entirely accurate about the control system, as it also uses an unnecessarily complicated trajectory feature which meakes it significantly harder to hit your chosen target than usual - though admittedly only on certain numbers. I'm finding it pretty difficult to write anything interesting about the game at all, actually. This is a perfectly adequate computer darts sim, but it's about as wacky as Prince Edward.

The Bottom Line

That old reviewer's stand-by, 'Perhaps a good game for the younger player'. If you like computer darts it's fine, but unremarkable (and too easy).

Stuart Campbell

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