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Virtual Worlds
By Incentive
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #83

You've never had such an Incentive to go gaming.

Virtual Worlds

In the relatively short time that they have been producing games on the CPC, those clever people at Incentive have worked up quite a reputation. Not surprising really, when you take into account the exceptional quality of those games, using the superb development systems Freescape and Freescape 2.

In terms of 3D gaming, Incentive's efforts are virtually untouchable. Any doubters need only take a quick look at this simply stunning collection to think again.

Starting the ball rolling is the nailbitingly tense race against time of Driller. With only hours to go before a meteor blows up the moon of Mitral, your job is to get down onto the surface and tap the lethal deposits which could amplify the explosion and knock your home planet of Evath off its axis, killing everybody with it.

Manoeuvring your way around the heavy defences of the outlawed Ketar peoples, you must locate the gas centres and set up rigs as fast as you can. Don't waste time or rigs and make sure you pick up plenty of rubicon crystals to replenish your power in this superb offering.

Speaking of lunar explosions, Total Eclipse sends you back to 1930's Egypt and another race against time.

Outraged at his people's disrespect for the Sun God, Re, an ancient High Priest set up a shrine to the god atop a pyramid, vowing that if the sun should ever be blocked totally, the offending article would be destroyed.

You've guessed it, there's going to be a solar eclipse and its your task to destroy the shrine before it sends thousands of meteorites speeding towards Earth. This is another nailbiter, with plenty of frantic action inside the pyramid as you desperately try to find your way to the top.

Castle Master also gets another airing on this superb compilation. As you try to rescue your twin from the heights of the spectre infested castle, take care not to be trapped, otherwise you too, will become a slave to the evil Magister.

The last offering on this collection is the previously unreleased sequel to Castle Master, The Crypt. Assuming that you failed the first quest, you are now imprisoned within the castle walls, and must battle with poltergeists, spirits and zombies as you attempt to make a dramatic bid for freedom.

Plenty of action and real adventure will keep you glued to the screen at all times in this brilliant sequel which is a winner in its own right.

The games included in the compilation are a must for serious gamesters, featuring the simply wonderful 3D Freescape techniques and some truly atmospheric action. For real value for money, go out and get Virtual Worlds right away.

John Taylor

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